Phyllis Schlafly: College Women Get Raped Because They Go to College

Everything about Phyllis Schlafly is perfect: her ridiculous name, her relentlessly upright hairdo, her solid, unyielding commitment to being wrong about every goddamn thing. The conservative icon is back today with a scorching take on solving campus rape: fewer women should go to college. They're not even using it… »1/06/15 3:45pm1/06/15 3:45pm

Groundbreaking Reality Show to Focus on Women Who Went to Grad School to Find Husbands

Have you ever found yourself lamenting the fact that reality TV is out of ideas (How many shows about aggressive antiquing and food wars do we need?!)? Have you ever wished that someone would make your favorite genre exciting again by taking a Wayback Machine to the 1950's and poking around for outdated social… »10/19/12 3:10pm10/19/12 3:10pm

Website for Career Women Thinks Ladies Go to Business School to Find Husbands

Women now represent 31% of business-school classes, up from about 26% in 2001. Harvard Business School's class of 2013 will have the highest percentage of female students — 39% — in the school's history. The number of women taking the GMAT rose 10% over the past decade. What's the takeaway, here? That more women are… »8/28/12 4:00pm8/28/12 4:00pm