The Most Inane Moments from Last Weekend's Men's Rights Conference

The first ever International Conference on Men's Issues took place in St. Clair Shores, Michigan (right outside of Detroit) late last week and while no representative from Jezebel was able to attend (the last weekend in June is when we meet to raise our Diva Cups in a toast to misandry), many highly capable… »7/02/14 7:15pm7/02/14 7:15pm

Even Former MRAs Think That MRAs Are Embarrassing and Horrible

Men's rights activism — a term most often applied to wounded community of daft, delusional, and often malignant denizens of the Internet who think that feminism threatens their basic rights and that rape isn't even that big of a deal — has had a busy week bringing shame to its already quite besmirched name. In the… »12/20/13 5:15pm12/20/13 5:15pm

Rape and Death Threats: What Men's Rights Activists Really Look Like

Men's Rights Activists are rage-filled misogynists who claim feminists intentionally "cover up" issues like male rape and workplace injury rates so women can achieve global domination. Har. Those pesky feminazis, however, keep getting in the way, so it's up to the MRAs to win the world over. And how do they do this?… »4/22/13 3:40pm4/22/13 3:40pm

Feminists Are Savagely Trolling This 'Masculism' Hashtag on Twitter

After some Reddit/4chan MRA babies tried to make #INeedMasculismBecause happen on Twitter today (co-opting the popular feminist meme, because EYEROLL), it blew up in their faces bigtime. The hashtag was gleefully hijacked by the normal, thinking humans of Twitter, who are currently churning out hundreds of tweets… »2/08/13 5:45pm2/08/13 5:45pm

Men's Rights Activists Upset the Word 'Men' Isn't Used More in Affordable Care Act

The best part of today, aside from the fact that the Affordable Care Act was upheld, has been the rush of schadenfreude that comes from watching sourpuss Michele Bachmann types flip the fuck out about it. The latest group to react poorly are men's rights activists who are upset that health care reform spends too much… »6/28/12 11:55pm6/28/12 11:55pm