Mr. Clean Ad Tries to Enlist a Legion of ‘Man Maids’ for Mother’s Day

The first question we might be asking about this terribly misguided ad from Mr. Clean is what sort of weird, Oedipal relationship does a son have with his mother where he dresses like the Brawny towel paper dude's less brawny younger brother in order to clean mom's house? Thankfully, Mr. Clean doesn't want sons to… »5/11/12 3:35pm5/11/12 3:35pm


A Magical Way to Erase Away the Icky Stains in Your Life

Much unlike many a magazine editor who recommends you buy all sorts of crap that they most likely got for free, your Jezebel staff doesn't get jack shit (other than books, unsolicited). And that's how it should be. But on our own time, in our personal lives, we still buy stuff. So this is Worth It, our recommendation… »5/02/12 2:40pm5/02/12 2:40pm