The Danish Girl Tests the Bounds of Gender, But Does Not Break Them

Tom Hooper’s The Danish Girl is blatant Oscar bait and it knows it. Telling the story of Lili Elbe, one of the first people to ever undergo gender confirmation surgery (as far as we know), it taps into the hot-button issue of trans rights while giving Academy voters exactly what they want: beautiful scenery, swelling… »Wednesday 2:20pm11/25/15 2:20pm


Male Film Critic Savagely Mauled By 'P.C. Twitter Goons'

Dear, dear friends, we gather together today to mourn the untimely disemboweling of Jeffrey Wells, film critic, rent asunder “like a wildebeest being surrounded and torn apart by hyenas or wild dogs” by the “P.C. Twitter goons.” Wells’ crime was to bravely tweet that women would be too scared to see a movie. »Wednesday 1:40pm11/25/15 1:40pm

Sandra Bullock's Latest, Our Brand Is Crisis, Has Worst Opening of Her Career 

Sandra Bullock’s latest movie, Our Brand Is Crisis, had the worst opening of her career. The Hollywood Reporter notes that the political “dramedy” opened yesterday with only $1.1 million in sales and an estimated projection of $3.3 million for the weekend. Critics have not been kind to the film which was a “passion… »10/31/15 12:00pm10/31/15 12:00pm

Mockingjay: Part 2 Looks Low On Dialogue, High On Explosions—Watch the Trailer

If you thought that the last film in the Hunger Games franchise was a little more claustrophobic than the previous two (it took place primarily in an underground bunker), the trailer for the fourth and final film in the franchise will be a breath of fresh air tinged with gunpowder. That’s because, if the trailer is… »10/28/15 12:00pm10/28/15 12:00pm

Jem and the Holograms's Box Office Performance Was Truly, Truly, Truly Outrageously Bad

No movie in the history of wide releases by major studios has ever had a more embarrassing opening weekend than Jem and the Holograms. Targeted to teen girls (a crucial demographic for box office success) and based on the 80s television series of the same name, Jem made just $1.3 million dollars on 2,414 screens in… »10/26/15 11:30am10/26/15 11:30am

Jem and the Holograms Fails in a Way That I've Never Seen a Movie Fail Before

Young people, right? They like young-people shit, like YouTube videos, Instagram selfies and crazy hair. If you hate young people but want to pander to them for some reason—like, if you have loathsome, foul-smelling stepchildren—you can always take them to see Jem and the Holograms. »10/23/15 11:25am10/23/15 11:25am

Wedding Crasher Bites Cop, Dog After Police Are Called to Remove Him

Weddings are special. Weddings are expensive. Weddings are not to be fucked with. At least that’s what one unidentified 22-year-old man learned over the weekend when he thought it’d be a good idea to show up to a wedding uninvited and disrupt the festivities. Three cops and a dog had to take him down. »10/21/15 6:10pm10/21/15 6:10pm

Room is a Horror Film About Growing Up

I saw Room in the Paris Theater in Midtown Manhattan; it played to a packed audience of boistrous industry types. Everyone was distracted and distractable until the lights went down, after which we spent two hours together in rapt silence. Nobody chatted, but almost everyone cried; a woman directly behind me spent… »10/19/15 11:00am10/19/15 11:00am

Women In Hollywood: Uh, Actually, We've Always Been Paid a Fraction of What Men Make

A growing number of big-deal actresses are just real, real tired of making less money than Bradley Cooper, and willing to say so publicly. After Jennifer Lawrence’s open letter regarding pay inequality, both Jessica Chastain and Rooney Mara have fed-up things to say about the wage gap in their industry.
»10/16/15 5:20pm10/16/15 5:20pm

The Best Netflix Movies Featuring a Strong Male Lead

Netflix is both a joyous cesspool of unwatchable movies as well as your one true friend, especially come winter. Probably you’re already familiar with the site’s robust movie recommendation system, which features categories like Quirky Movies, Feel-Good Movies, Irreverent Movies and—of course—Movies Featuring a Strong… »10/15/15 2:05pm10/15/15 2:05pm