Not All The Stars In Hollywood Can Keep New Year's Eve From Being…

Honestly, Love, Actually was not a bad movie. Unfortunately, its success taught Hollywood a terrible lesson: Cram a crapload of stars into one flick, and the masses will pay to see it. Off course, by "masses," we mean women, because we're the ones these projects are aggressively marketed towards. After He's Just Not… » 12/09/11 2:15pm 12/09/11 2:15pm

Precious Is Heartbreaking, Hopeful

The reviews are in for Precious, and though some critics object to director Lee Daniels' "need to shove the reality of Precious' life in our faces," most say it's a brilliant film about hideous truths Hollywood usually ignores. » 11/06/09 2:40pm 11/06/09 2:40pm