Joe Jonas Reveals How Disney Puppet Masters Control Their Teen Stars

In a new interview, we learn that after almost a decade in the music business, Joe Jonas is 24 and "has control" of his life. But we also get a rare glimpse behind the scenes of Disney, the machine that churns out products for kids, tweens and teens to consume — and how it feels to be one of those products. » 12/02/13 5:30pm 12/02/13 5:30pm

Here's What it Would Look Like if Disney Princesses Went to the Prom

Artist Kathyrn Hudson imagines what it would be like if some of your favorite Disney characters went to the high school dance. » 5/13/13 12:25pm 5/13/13 12:25pm

The 10 Best Things to Do Drunk at Disney World

For the spring break of my sophomore year of high school, my father, in an attempt at parent-child bonding, offered to take me on a trip. "Madeleine," he said. "You are young and bright. The world is yours to discover. Tell me anywhere you'd like to go in the continental U.S. and we will go there. Want to go to Oxford… » 9/19/12 6:20pm 9/19/12 6:20pm

What The World Needs Now: A New Princess Marketed Toward Little Girls

Since Snow White is 74 years old, Aurora from Sleeping Beauty is 52 and Belle from Beauty And The Beast is a decrepit 20 years old, Disney, the font of all things princessy, has created a new princess, just for little girls. Really little: Youngsters between ages 2 and 7 years old. » 12/13/11 2:10pm 12/13/11 2:10pm

Mommyblogging Goes Corporate As Babble Is Sold To Disney

When Babble was founded in 2006, it was a destination for those uninterested in a glossy, powder pink or baby blue version of parenthood. Babble was about painful honesty and healthy cynicism. Posts tackled anxiety over sleepless nights, crying over having a boy instead of a girl, and finding children's books … » 11/15/11 5:30pm 11/15/11 5:30pm

Group Claims Disneyland Is Happiest & Most Lead-Filled Place On Earth

Sorry to tarnish your treasured family memories, but it seems that the goofy shot of you grabbing the Sword in the Stone statue at Disneyland is actually a picture of you exposing yourself to high levels of lead. An environmental group has filed a lawsuit against Disney for allegedly failing to remove or post adequate… » 10/18/11 11:53pm 10/18/11 11:53pm

What The World Needs Now: A Third Snow White Remake

Yes, two other studios are producing Snow White movies, but Disney will not be left out! So get ready for The Order Of The Seven, a revisionist project to be directed by Michael Gracey. » 8/04/11 5:30pm 8/04/11 5:30pm

Can Selena Gomez Shed Her Disney Image Without Shedding Her Clothes?

Selena Gomez has been 18 for almost a year, which means it's high time for her to shock America by appearing in a backless ensemble or gyrating in the vicinity of an older male co-star. So far she's only been able to tarnish her Disney reputation by ODing on Nutella. » 6/27/11 11:24am 6/27/11 11:24am

Disney, Fatphobia, & The "Pooh Sized" Debate

Earlier this week, a post appeared on the blog Disney Kicks Ass, informing readers that some rides at the original Anaheim Disneyland had to be re-engineered. Oh boy. » 6/24/11 5:20pm 6/24/11 5:20pm

Disney Settles Donald Duck Grope Lawsuit

In 2008, a Pennsylvania woman visting Epcot with her young children and her fiancé approached an employee in a Donald Duck costume "in order to obtain an autograph." You have to imagine that she was in a happy state of mind, filled with childlike glee, and knew it was silly — ducks can't write — but all part of the… » 5/13/11 7:20pm 5/13/11 7:20pm

Disney To Start Targeting Kids At Birth

Recovering from pushing a 7-pound human out of you is about to get even more fun! Now hours after giving birth, you'll get a visit from a Disney rep offering free onesies in exchange for a lifetime of consumer loyalty. » 2/07/11 6:15pm 2/07/11 6:15pm

Blame Disney For Our Royal Wedding Excitement

The United States has no monarchy. We pride ourselves on being a democratic society, and often seem to strive towards meritocracy. But now that there's going to be a royal wedding in the UK, we are all in a tizzy! » 11/17/10 11:50am 11/17/10 11:50am

The $795 Shoe, And Other Stupid/Expensive Tron Merchandise

Disney has created a 3D reboot of Tron called Tron: Legacy. which looks okay. Not okay? The aggressive marketing, especially when it comes to crappy, bizarre fashion-y tie-ins meant for women. Like the Tron shoe. » 10/19/10 5:15pm 10/19/10 5:15pm

Woman Claims Donald Duck Groped Her

A Pennsylvania woman alleges that in 2008, an Epcot Center employee dressed as Donald Duck grabbed her breasts while she was holding her child. Now she's suing Disney, saying the incident caused "severe physical injury," "acute anxiety," and PTSD. » 8/12/10 1:58pm 8/12/10 1:58pm

Live-Action Tinker Bell Movie To Sprinkle Pixie Dust In Theaters

The bad news: Hollywood continues to be out of new ideas. The good news: Funny lady Elizabeth Banks has been cast as Tink, the original manic pixie dream girl. » 7/15/10 2:17pm 7/15/10 2:17pm

Ariel From The Little Mermaid Is The Perfect Lindsay Lohan

Ever wonder what it would look like if Mean Girls was an animated film released by Disney? Here's your answer. An epic piece of work. You go, Glen Coco. [BuzzFeed] » 3/05/10 5:30pm 3/05/10 5:30pm

The Princess And The Frog Doll: A Hot Present & A "Symbol"

NPR's Guy Raz visited a Target in Washington, D.C. and checked up on sales of the doll based on Tiana from The Princess And The Frog. He says: » 12/21/09 3:20pm 12/21/09 3:20pm

The Princess And The Frog Impacting Moms; Girls With Curly Hair

One mom says, "I'm probably more excited about this than my daughter… she doesn't realize the history of it." Another writes: "…It would be a mistake to overlook the significance of her coif." [WaPo, Time] » 12/11/09 6:30pm 12/11/09 6:30pm

Do Disney Princesses Provide "Thinspiration" For Little Girls?

A new study reports that when 121 girls, ages 3-6, were asked to pick the "real princess" from a photo collection of girls in ballerina costumes, 50 percent of the girls chose the thinnest ballerina. Is Disney to blame? » 12/03/09 12:00pm 12/03/09 12:00pm