Mariah Carey's Mother's Day Cake Was the Most Mariah Cake Ever 

For Mother’s Day, Mariah’s manager gifted her with a thousand-dollar cake dusted in real gold, crafted in the shape of a size eight platform stiletto heel with a strap in the shape of a butterfly. The only way this cake would be more perfectly Mariah is if it were delivered and consumed within the magical confines of… »5/12/15 9:30am5/12/15 9:30am


The Rock Owned Mother's Day With This Sweet Tribute to His Own Mom

It was never apparent to me, when my little brother was watching wrestling 24/7, that the man demanding to know if we could smell what “The Rock” was cooking or referring to haters as “jabronis” would become a cultural icon outside of professional wrestling. But the Instagram he posted of his mom yesterday should make… »5/11/15 11:45am5/11/15 11:45am

John Oliver Marks Mother's Day with a Plea for Paid Maternity Leave

Before we move on from Mother’s Day, let’s take a moment with John Oliver to appreciate the grand irony of this particular holiday and its accompanying orgy of marketing: “In America, there is nothing we wouldn’t do for moms—apart from one major thing.” Which is, of course, paid maternity leave. Motherhood: we love it… »5/11/15 9:50am5/11/15 9:50am

Hillary Clinton Uses Mother's Day To Talk About Paid Family Leave

Hillary Clinton’s latest campaign video is a Mother’s Day themed affair. In it Clinton pays homage to her own mother, celebrates the birth of her granddaughter, and shifts into the issue of paid family leave. “It’s outrageous that America is the only country in the developed world that doesn’t guarantee paid leave,”… »5/10/15 3:00pm5/10/15 3:00pm

Tallywackers, the Male Version of Hooters Is Coming for Us

If you ever thought it’d be nice to have a place where you could hang your hat after a long day and see scantily-clad hunks do “The Worm” while serving you a platter of mozzarella cheese sticks, that wish might very well be coming true. Tallywackers, a new eatery in Dallas that looks to be the male counterpart to… »4/22/15 8:00pm4/22/15 8:00pm

Canadian Politician Thinks Moms Change Diapers, Dads Shape Minds

Mother's Day and Father's Day exist to honor the hard-working parents among us. They're also a great occasion for fucking up, if you don't watch yourself. Canadian Justice Minister Peter MacKay is learning that the hard way, after sending male and female staffers two vastly different messages about their roles as… »6/25/14 12:20pm6/25/14 12:20pm

A reminder for those of us who don't live close to our mothers and want to send them nice things, Mo

A reminder for those of us who don't live close to our mothers and want to send them nice things, Mother's Day is this Sunday. If you are planning on sending your mom, grandmother, aunt or godmother that card, bouquet, or gift certificate to that Paint and Sip class, today is the day to do so in order for it to arrive… »5/06/14 12:50pm5/06/14 12:50pm

'World's Toughest Job' Viral Video Is Obvious, Manipulative and Stupid

At this point, if anyone on the internet tells me that a video is going to "blow my mind," or that I need to "wait for it," or that I should prepare to "change the way I think," I immediately want to run an ultra-marathon down an abandoned mine shaft and into the earth's molten core. I despise a "big reveal." How dare… »4/15/14 4:00pm4/15/14 4:00pm