Where Do You Toss Your Baby's Dirty Diapers in Public?

Tossing a dirty diaper seems simple enough: Chucking it anywhere that’s far away from you is clearly the most convenient option. Unfortunately, the most convenient option often conflicts with basic etiquette, which dictates that you consider other factors in the mix, like the environment and who will be around to… »7/29/15 12:00pm7/29/15 12:00pm

Stop Saying Only Children Will Grow Up to Be Selfish Monsters

Only children are so easy for people to hate. They are, as the caricature goes, spoiled from having been loved and provided for too much, without having to endure the character-building benefits siblings provide: being ignored, being forced to jockey for the TV remote, enduring the humiliation of hand-me-downs, and… »7/08/15 1:00pm7/08/15 1:00pm

How to Get Your Kid to Do Anything This Summer Except Look at a Screen

It’s summertime, and if you have a kid, you have to fill their time with something. Your first thought is probably to stick an iPad or Kindle in front of them because you can’t sing along to “Shake It Off” one more time without murdering someone—but the trouble is, the long arm of screen addiction is robbing our… »7/07/15 5:30pm7/07/15 5:30pm

Don't Listen to Assholes Who Tell You When to Have Kids

For the first time in seven years, the birth rate has risen. The 1 percent increase is attributed to women in their 30s and 40s popping ‘em out a smidge faster. But, before you begin to celebrate the expansion of motherhood’s age range, here are a bunch of statistics from a piece at Quartz that says that those older… »6/23/15 12:15pm6/23/15 12:15pm

Women Need to Make $66K More to Offset ‘Stress Cost’ of Having a Kid

It has been argued that it would take an annual salary of $120,000 to recoup stay-at-home-mothers fairly for the work they do. But if you wanted to include the cost of stress added to a woman’s life directly due to childrearing, you’d need to tack on another $66,000 to compensate her. Just think! You could spend that… »6/13/15 2:30pm6/13/15 2:30pm

Rewards for New Fathers: Cool Baby Gear, No Shame About It

As a culture we collectively lament what happens to women when they become mothers: We watch friends, colleagues, and perfectly respectable acquaintances who once had legitimately interesting opinions turn into half-wits who won’t shut up about cloth diapers and choking hazards. But the thing is, this happens to men,… »6/07/15 12:00pm6/07/15 12:00pm

Pictures of Children in Bathing Suits Are Not 'Sexy,' You are Gross

My sweet 5-year-old likes to run around naked wearing only a belt, which she ties so that it has a long piece dangling out in front, a piece which she calls her fake penis. She grabs it and shakes it and goes, “fake penis fake penis!” It’s a real gas. I’ve taken a picture of her doing this. I wouldn’t post it on the… »5/30/15 3:45pm5/30/15 3:45pm

New Trend: Men Wanting Babies, Women Wanting Freedom

It was bound to happen: One day, women would awake from the fog of cultural myth-making to realize that having kids is in fact a lot of work, work that was bound to fall disproportionately on them—maybe even too much work, all said, if you want to get other stuff done or have a low-key existence. And they would decide… »3/19/15 2:50pm3/19/15 2:50pm