After a 70-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth, Doctors Question Ethics of IVF Treatments on Older Women

Last month, Daljinder Kaur, a woman in her 70s, gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Kaur underwent two years of IVF treatments and, according to the Washington Post, she did so against the initial objections of doctors and her 79-year-old husband, Mohinder Singh Gill. After undergoing IVF at the National Fertility and…

Pregnant Women's Right to a Damn Drink Is Now Legally Protected in New York City

There’s a certain doom that sets in around the eight-month mark of pregnancy; an acknowledgment that soon the baby will be here, you’ll have no time for yourself, and the next few months will inevitably be spent in a sleepless, unshowered haze. It’s around that time that many expecting mothers decide that they need to…

Ciara Files $15 Million Defamation Suit Against Future for Calling Her a Bad Mom

Since Ciara and Future broke up in August 2014, it’s the rapper who’s had the most to say about it, up to and including his most recent album EVOL, which includes numerous allusions to what could be construed as his ex. (On “Little Haiti Baby,” he raps, “You want an R&B chick? Shawty, it ain’t nothin’ to get her.”)