Hot New Having It All Tip: Just Be Rich Enough to Freeze Your Eggs!

This cover of this week's Bloomberg Businessweek features a confident-looking white woman in her thirties and the seductive headline FREEZE YOUR EGGS FREE YOUR CAREER. Is it already that time during the year when magazines invite America to comment on reproductive and parenting choices that are only available to a tiny … » 4/17/14 1:50pm 34 minutes ago

Sports Radio Host Doesn't Understand Paternity Leave: 'It's a Scam'

Mike Francesa, a sports radio host on WFAN, is very upset that Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy missed two games this week due to paternity leave. So upset, in fact, that he went on a twenty-minute tirade, calling a ten-day paternity leave a gimmick and "a scam and a half." » 4/03/14 12:00pm 4/03/14 12:00pm

'Princeton Mom' Is Just Being Honest and Doesn't Believe in Date Rape

Marry Smart, the retrograde pile of garbage that the 'Princeton Mom' has sandwiched between two pieces of cardboard and called a book, drops today. That means Susan Patton is currently making the media rounds, questioning the notion of date rape and insisting that she is "not a provocative person." » 3/11/14 12:30pm 3/11/14 12:30pm

Please Stop Asking Amy Poehler How She Juggles It All

If there's one question that female actors (especially the ones who are mothers) get all the time, it's "How do you manage it all?" The answer almost always is that they don't manage it all. In fact, they — like the rest of us — manage a little bit at a time. And they have nannies. Lots and lots of nannies. Amy Poehler,… » 2/07/14 12:40pm 2/07/14 12:40pm

Rand Paul Thinks Unmarried Poor Women Should Just Stop Having Sex

Aging Brillo pad Rand Paul has a brilliant suggestion for a weapon in his ongoing war against the terrifying dragon of the unwed single mother who won't stop living off the government: tell her that if she won't stop having kids, she doesn't get any more government benefits. Rand Paul also famously opposes giving… » 1/30/14 12:20pm 1/30/14 12:20pm

Beyoncé Doesn't 'Have Any Shame About Being Sexual'

The most recent portion of Beyonce's behind the scenes look at her recently released magnum opus is perhaps her most revealing yet. In Part 4 of "Self-Titled," she discusses the super sexy content behind the song and video for "Partition," the track where she sings about giving her partner head in a limo. » 12/30/13 1:10pm 12/30/13 1:10pm

Poll Reveals America Thinks Women Should Have Babies By Age 26

Sometimes, as a woman, I find myself adrift on a rudderless sea of indecision bereft of the opinions of others weighing in on my conduct. How should I dress? Should I be thin or what? Should I do anything to my face to make it look different? How should I conduct myself sexually? How should I age? When should I talk?… » 11/11/13 6:00pm 11/11/13 6:00pm

If Yelling at Kids Is as Harmful as Spanking, What the Hell Is Left?

I grew up in Tennessee in the 1980s. This means that when I wasn't being spanked by a paddle, a hand, a belt, or a switch of my own choosing, I was being yelled at. Clearly, I have an extremely well adjusted attitude towards authority figures and a deep, abiding love for all mankind. Which is why it comes as zero… » 11/05/13 11:00am 11/05/13 11:00am

My Daughter Was Teased for Wearing 'Boy' Shoes on the Soccer Field

Today, during a soccer game, a kid on the opposing team made fun of my four year old daughter's 'boy' shoes. I am so sick of this shit I could scream. It is crazy to me that people actually say, actually believe it's "natural" for girls "want" pink stuff. My God, I'm honestly surprised my daughter has stuck with her Star… » 10/30/13 6:20pm 10/30/13 6:20pm

Hot Right Now: Letting Your Newborn Keep His Placenta for Six Days

Okay, brace yourself. There's a birthing technique that will allow you to live in a house with a Keurig and some wifi but still keep the umbilical cord attached from your baby to its placenta postpartum until it detaches on its own, about a week later, just like chimpanzees do. Sure, it requires lugging the thing… » 10/28/13 1:00pm 10/28/13 1:00pm