Bill O'Reilly Exaggerated His War Stories, Just Like Brian Williams

No one is more disappointed with Brian Williams than Bill O'Reilly. After Williams' tall-tale-telling was exposed, the Fox host went on a tear, saying Williams' lies should have all of us questioning other "distortions" in the liberal media. But Mother Jones points out O'Reilly has a few serious whoppers of his own,… » 2/20/15 10:30am 2/20/15 10:30am

A State-by-State Look at Where Kids Are Not Being Vaccinated

Animal Planet Show Accused of Drugging and Killing Animals

As I've written before, I have a major thing for animal shows. Animal Planet's Call of the Wildman is a little broad and manufactured for my tastes (I like my animal stories with DIGNITY), but damned if that stopped me from watching ten episodes in a row in a lazy Sunday marathon the other week. The antics of Ernie… » 1/22/14 9:40am 1/22/14 9:40am

Game of Thrones Attack Ads Are the Best Thing to Come Out of Campaign…

The political climate of the Seven Kingdoms is such a mess these days. It used to be that you had a variety of candidates ranging between North and South, but now it seems that all we've got are a bunch of greedy crown mongers ranging from Center South to Extremist South, you know what I mean? All I want is a ruler… » 6/20/12 2:15pm 6/20/12 2:15pm

Palin Scares The Crap Out Of Anonymous Republican Establishment

Politico quotes unnamed Republicans saying there is a "determined, focused establishment effort" to prevent a 2012 Palin nomination, because "Barack Obama would crush her." Conveniently, and inadvertently, Mother Jones' new cover— plus animation!—can dramatize their fears. Check it out. » 11/01/10 12:22pm 11/01/10 12:22pm

Is Live-Tweeting About Rape A Wake-Up Call Or A Mistake?

"On my way to the hospital with a girl whose tongue was bitten off when she was raped." Did that tweet get your attention? That was the point. » 9/24/10 5:30pm 9/24/10 5:30pm

Lost In Conversation

Mother Jones asked us for our take on last night's episode of Lost for its weekly "Lost Chat." We were happy to oblige, discussing the show's deeper meanings, and its unfair portrayal of "slutty" women versus "studly" men. [MoJo] » 3/31/10 5:30pm 3/31/10 5:30pm

It sounds like the plot of a short-lived 70s sitcom: two petite identical sisters, employed as prison guards on NYC's Rikers Island » 7/24/08 2:30pm 7/24/08 2:30pm…wackiness ensues! But it's actually for real. 33-year-old Sukari Barnes and Tajiri Swindell are corrections officers, who, when they started 12 years ago, were "92 pounds soaking wet."…