The Least Fascinating People on Barbara Walters' Most Fascinating Lists

This is the umpteenth year that Barbara Walters, despite having sort-of-but-not-exactly retired, has proclaimed that she has finally, finally pinned down the world's most fascinating people. Barbara Walters is lying. She has never highlighted the world's most fascinating people–instead, she has often done quite the… »12/14/14 2:35pm12/14/14 2:35pm

Who Will Be Barbara Walters' Most Fascinating Person?

Barbara Walters has revealed some of the names on her 2012 Ten Most Fascinating People list. As is the usual, these folks are not necessarily technically fascinating — just zeitgeisty, popular, noteworthy, current. This year, that includes Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas; the tiny British tea cakes of One Direction;… »11/20/12 3:30pm11/20/12 3:30pm