These Are the Pictures That Got Rihanna Kicked Out of a Mosque

Rihanna was in the United Arab Emirates over the weekend, and posed for a series of pictures in front of Abu Dhabi's Grand Mosque. She looked rather fierce in an all-black outfit and hot red lipstick. However! While her hair was covered — abiding by the mosque's guidelines — after posing like she was doing a fashion… » 10/21/13 6:45pm 10/21/13 6:45pm

Strippers, Gamblers Have No Problem With Ground Zero Mosque

Though the majority of New Yorkers are opposed to Park51, the women who work at the nearby strip clubs generally feel that the whole "hollowed ground" argument is bullshit; "I don't know what the big deal is," said one local. » 8/20/10 11:06am 8/20/10 11:06am

Mufti Wants Men & Women To Pray Together • Lori Drew Case Not Dismissed

• The Mufti of Australia wants to allow men and women » 11/24/08 5:30pm 11/24/08 5:30pm to pray together in the country's mosques—a tradition which he says is a cultural, not religious, requirement dictated by the Koran. • A new from Australia claims that female drivers become more frazzled by rain than men. • A woman in England was given a for…