This Map of America’s Female Mortality Rates Isn't Pretty

Mortality rates are rising in 43% of U.S. counties, as illustrated by this map from health researcher Bill Gardner. It's part of a research article by David Kindig and Erika Cheng, recently published in the journal Health Affairs — as Gardner notes, it "depicts a shocking pattern of female hardship, primarily in the… » 4/05/13 5:15pm 4/05/13 5:15pm

Why Isn't the Teen Mortality Rate Dropping?

Over the past 50 years, a lot of effort has been put into improving the health and survival of young children around the world, and for the most part it's worked. That's great, but once they make it into their teenage years, they're right back in danger. As if adolescence isn't hard enough on its own, a new report… » 4/25/12 12:10pm 4/25/12 12:10pm