FDA Calls Kim Kardashian's Instagram Drug Endorsement 'Misleading'

Kim Kardashian will probably think twice next time she considers asking her 42 million Instagram followers to double-tap her prescription drug endorsements. The Food and Drug Administration sent a letter to the makers of Diclegis (a morning sickness drug she promoted last month) asking them to “stop ‘misbranding’ the… »8/11/15 5:45pm8/11/15 5:45pm


What’s the Deal With Extreme Morning Sickness, and More Importantly, Does it Mean the Royal Baby Will Be a Girl?

Kate Middleton can add another kind of one percenter status to her credits, as the newly gestating royal has been hospitalized with a pregnancy-related condition that affects only 1% of mothers — hyperemesis gravidarum, AKA, Extreme Barf City: Pregnant Edition. »12/03/12 7:00pm12/03/12 7:00pm

Got Morning Sickness? Give Two Blow Jobs and Call Me in the Morning

No amount of heavy duty feminism can alleviate the fact that when it comes to child creation, all a guy really must do is not ride a bike too much, ejaculate successfully into a fertile vagina, and then maybe hand out cigars. Meanwhile, the woman spends nine months growing a tiny, helpless proto-human inside her… »7/10/12 6:30pm7/10/12 6:30pm

Minnie Needs Less Gigs Than Mickey • Morning Sickness Gender Myth May Be True

Disney's USB flash memory drives may be showing some gender discrimination »8/19/08 5:20pm8/19/08 5:20pm: Pink drives with Minnie Mouse on them only hold 1 GB, while blue Mickey mouse drives hold 2 GB. Hm.• Breaking down some people's preconcieved notions of Middle America: Moms in the Midwest are than Coastal moms. • Three anti-aging treatments…
New research shows that morning sickness might be due to the broad diet of humans, according to Live

New research shows that morning sickness might be due to the broad diet of humans, according to Live Science. No other mammal has shown morning sickness, and "if morning sickness was the byproduct of conflict between mother and embryo or fetus," as previously thought, "one might expect other mammals to have it too."… »5/19/08 12:45pm5/19/08 12:45pm