Your Morning Cry: Daughter Interviews Her Mentally Disabled Mom on NPR

Oh my God, this is just—gahhhh. I just have something in my eye. Like a speck of soot, or a ficus, or Cleveland or something. On NPR's Morning Edition, Bonnie Brown, an intellectually disabled woman and single mom who works part-time at Wendy's, was interviewed by her precocious daughter Myra. You can tell they… » 2/10/13 12:00pm 2/10/13 12:00pm

Your Morning Cry: PS22 Honors Shooting Victims by Singing the Sandy Hook School Song

Of all the touching tributes made for the victims of Friday's shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT, the ones performed by children have surely been the most affective and heart wrenching. First, there was the New York Children's Chorus singing "Silent Night" on SNL this past weekend and now PS22,… » 12/20/12 10:55am 12/20/12 10:55am

Your Lunchtime Cry: Disabled Veteran Relearns to Walk

Arthur Boorman is a disabled veteran of the Gulf War who, after injuring his back as a paratrooper, was told by doctors that he would never again walk without crutches. Arthur's disability led to a substantial weight gain and subsequent depression, neither of which he was able to fight with exercise until he… » 5/07/12 11:50am 5/07/12 11:50am