Sorry, But a Plan B Database Won't Keep People From Having Sex

Last week, a Louisiana Democrat filed a bill in the state's legislator she's calling the "Unsafe Abortion Protection Acts." Like most laws that ostensibly "protect" women from one of the statistically safest medical procedures, the bill doesn't do anything the pretty words in its name suggest. In fact, the way the… »3/10/14 1:10pm3/10/14 1:10pm

Morning After Pill Doesn't Work on Women Over 176 Pounds

In a move that's bound to frighten everyone, HRA Pharma, the company the manufactures the European version of Plan B called Norlevo has revised its packaging to indicate that the pregnancy prevention medication is not always effective for women over 165 pounds and doesn't work at all for women who weigh more than 176… »11/25/13 11:05am11/25/13 11:05am

CPC Counselor Tells Undercover Activist Abortion Could Ruin Her Life

Crisis pregnancy center advocates say the faith-based nonprofits are totally legitimate alternatives to dastardly abortion mills; Texas Governor Rick Perry has even argued that they should replace real women's health centers. Opponents say CPCs are misleading and disseminate false information to vulnerable young… »6/25/13 11:20am6/25/13 11:20am

Increased Access to Plan B Does Nothing for Drug Companies' Profits

Now that the Obama administration has dropped its appeal to keep age restrictions on sales of emergency contraception, it means the aisles of CVS will witness stampedes of wanton sluts eager to get their hussy hands on whore pills while evil drug companies are maniacally laughing as they roll around in a pile of cash… »6/12/13 2:20pm6/12/13 2:20pm

Meet the Federal Judge Who's Dropping Sass All Over the Plan B Debate

Consistently no-bullshit Federal Judge Edward Korman flat-out denied the government’s request to stay his order pending an appeal to the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals today, calling the administration's appeal of a federal court order to make emergency contraception fiiinally over-the-counter for all women “frivolous”… »5/12/13 4:30pm5/12/13 4:30pm

Organic Eden Foods Isn't Progressive Enough to Pay For Its Employees' Birth Control

Eden Foods, an independently owned natural food company, is just as interested in the "Creation and Maintenance of Purity in Food®" as the maintenance of purity in your uterus: the company is suing the Obama administration for exemption from the contraceptive mandate. Owner Michael Potter believes sex is for… »4/11/13 11:00am4/11/13 11:00am

Just Give Us Our Goddamn Morning-After Pills Already

American women have more than doubled their use of emergency contraception in recent years, thanks mostly to millennials, according to the latest episode of Girls. No, just kidding; we know 11 percent of women have used emergency contraception at least once, up from 4.2 percent in 2002, and that nearly one in four… »2/14/13 11:30am2/14/13 11:30am

Even Pediatricians Think Teens Should Have Unrestricted Access to the Morning-After Pill

Woahhhhh: the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommended today that pediatricians should write advance prescriptions for the morning-after pill for girls under 17 so they can get quick access to it if need be. Pediatricians, you guys! If they can't speak realistically about the sex lives of teen girls, who can? »11/26/12 7:00pm11/26/12 7:00pm

Illinois Pharmacists Can Now Legally Refuse to Sell You Plan B Because of Religious Beliefs

If you live in Illinois, you better pray super hard that your condom never breaks — or that something even worse transpires — because a state appeals court recently upheld a ruling that exempted pharmacists with religious objections from prescribing emergency contraceptives. Let's hope your friendly local Walgreens… »9/26/12 2:40pm9/26/12 2:40pm

New York City Launches Plan B Pilot Program in 13 Schools, Only Some Pearl-Clutching Ensues

The New York City Department of Education is implementing a particularly progressive pilot program in 13 schools across the city — students as young as 14 at those schools will now have access to Plan B emergency contraception. The program is part of a wider effort to lower the rate of teen pregnancy, as some 7,000… »9/23/12 10:45pm9/23/12 10:45pm

Morning-After Slut Pills Don't Actually Prevent Implantation, After All

If you ask any of the bazillion "pro-life" dudes who bravely stand for zygotes by standing against emergency contraception, they'll tell you that the morning after pill — or Plan B if you want to get brand-namey — is an abortifacient because it prevents fertilized eggs from implanting in a woman's uterus. The FDA will… »6/05/12 6:10pm6/05/12 6:10pm