​That One Time Lindsay Lohan Handled Whitney Houston's Body Bag

Between the period of October 2011 and March 2012, Lindsay Lohan completed 120 hours of community service at the LA County Morgue, which was part of her shoplifting sentence. She was supposed to be doing menial tasks like mopping, and emptying trash bins, and washing sheets, but she now states she handled Whitney… » 9/15/14 2:20pm 9/15/14 2:20pm

Doctor Sends Live Woman To The Morgue

After suffering two strokes, Rosa Celestrino de Assis of Brazil was declared dead by her doctor and sent to the morgue. She spent two hours in a body bag before anyone noticed she was still alive. "I went to give my mom one last hug, and I could feel that she was breathing. I screamed out — my mom is alive! And they… » 9/27/11 12:40pm 9/27/11 12:40pm