The Dress Code Is Unclear At The Gracie Awards

The Gracie Awards celebrate programming created for, by, and about women. Not to be a bitch, but it's clear from what they're wearing that these chicks are television and not movie stars...the whole affair is just a smidgen less glamorous than something the film industry might bust out. » 5/25/11 10:50am 5/25/11 10:50am

Seriously, though: While…

Amy Attempts To See Blake Incarcerated, Misses Visiting Hours

  • Amy Winehouse arrived at Pentonville prison for a visit with the hubs wearing a puffy heart-shaped pin that read "Blake." Unfortunately, she was turned away, because she was late and visiting hours were over. These tears dry on their own. [The Sun]
  • Rikki Rockett of Poison was arrested on a rape warrant as he stepped…
  • » 3/28/08 9:00am 3/28/08 9:00am