The New More Is Finally for the Rich Ladies That Actually Read More

More, a magazine for "women of style and substance," has known for years that its readers have way more money than anyone's given them credit for; the publication's readership reportedly has the highest household income of any woman's magazine. Now, it seems like More is finally acknowledging its true demographic. »2/02/15 9:00pm2/02/15 9:00pm

Stella McCartney Is Eager To Dress ScarJo In Virginal White

  • Stella McCartney calls dibs on bride-to-be Scarlett Johansson: "I'm definitely doing her wedding dress. She doesn't know it yet." Awkward. [People]
  • Says Marc Jacobs on the bride-to-be, "I'm really happy for her. She's a great girl. I just think Scarlett is great and I hope she is very, very happy. She's super funny. I…
  • »5/07/08 11:30am5/07/08 11:30am