No human has seen tonight's full honey moon in almost 100 years

As the clock ticks over to 12:11am (EDT) tonight, the world will experience the first full honey moon on Friday the 13th in almost 100 years. It will appear golden and huge in the sky, so pay attention because it will not happen again until June 2098. Also, remember to watch out for werewolves too.… »6/12/14 11:43pm6/12/14 11:43pm

In Space, No One Can Hear Your Outrage Over a Gender Normative Ad for Cleaning Products

In the whimsical, mid-20th century past when America was enjoying a post-war money bath in gold it collectively won from the Nazis, people thought that colonizing the moon and flying around in Jetson cars was surely an imminent reality. Space travel and fancy gadgets would be great and all, but some companies realized… »11/11/12 12:30pm11/11/12 12:30pm

Feds Bust Rogue Grandmother For Selling 'Moon Dust' At Denny's

CBS News reports that 74-year-old Joann Davis was nabbed in sting operation when she tried to sell moon dust to undercover government agents at a California Denny's. "Moon dust" here isn't some pithy senior citizen slang for meth but an actual piece of moon rock encased in a paperweight that Davis claims her husband,… »10/26/11 2:25pm10/26/11 2:25pm