Study That Says Women Are Grumpy 10 Days a Year Can Fuck Itself

A new study from an English vitamin company has found that the average woman spends approximately 10 days a year in a "grumpy" mood. Well, either the ladies of the UK are the cheeriest bunch of broads you'll ever meet or this study is totally wack because most of the women I know are pissed-off for about 10 hours a… »9/22/14 1:00pm9/22/14 1:00pm


How To Be Around People When You’re In A Crappy Mood

Everyone has the occasional terrible, horrible, no good, very bad mood. Unfortunately, your mood doesn't necessarily cooperate with your career or social calendar, and one of the terrible secrets of being a grown-up is that you can't blow important people off without engendering their disdain and ultimately harming… »8/22/11 6:10pm8/22/11 6:10pm