BuzzFeed Deleted Anti-Hasbro Post After Inking Deal With Hasbro

Yesterday we reported BuzzFeed’s decision to delete a staff-written post that criticized a viral advertisement for Dove beauty products. In response, BuzzFeed editor-in-chief Ben Smith released a rather incredible internal memo that instructed the site’s writers not to “advance [their] personal opinion” and… »4/10/15 4:00pm4/10/15 4:00pm

Congratulations, Internet: The New Monopoly Token Is a Cat

Proving that even Rich Uncle Pennybags is a Lil' Bub fan, the new Monopoly token has been revealed and it's a cute little kitty cat. Yep, the stupid old iron is out and a shiny new feline is in. The piece was determined via vote, with the cat beating out a robot, a guitar, a diamond ring and a helicopter. "I think… »2/06/13 2:25pm2/06/13 2:25pm

Monopoly Is Retiring One of Its Beloved Game Pieces Forever and It Better Not Be Fucking Shoe

Look. I don't even like Monopoly that much because it takes forever and, I don't know, I'm just not that tickled by recreational real estate brokerage. I'm more of a Game of Life kind of girl. (Runner up: Mille Bornes. CREVE!) But come on, it's MONOPOLY. It's America's game! You can't just go around changing it and… »1/09/13 4:30pm1/09/13 4:30pm

Monopoly and Hungry Hungry Hippos Movies in the Works Because Hollywood Is out of Ideas

Back in 2008, Hasbro made a deal with Universal pictures, and subsequently, we were subjected to flicks like Transformers and Battleship. The Universal deal fell apart but Hasbro just won't give up, and two more boardgame movies are in the works at production company Emmett/Furla: Monopoly and Hungry Hungry Hippos.… »10/08/12 6:00pm10/08/12 6:00pm

Woman Sent Directly To Jail After Monopoly Game Stabbing

According to statistics I just made up, half of all Monopoly games end with someone flipping over the board in anger, but a New Mexico women took things way too far when she repeatedly stabbed her boyfriend after a game. Both the woman and her boyfriend were drunk while battling it out for Park Place, and she accused… »10/27/11 11:18pm10/27/11 11:18pm

Sean Combs's New Fragrance Is Called "I Am King." That Is All.

  • Sean Combs's new fragrance, "I Am King" will premiere as a Macy's exclusive in December. 'I Am King is a statement about all men," said Combs, during an interview at his Bad Boy Entertainment offices in Manhattan. "We are all descendents of royalty - and if we carry ourselves and respect ourselves in that manner and…
  • »8/08/08 12:30pm8/08/08 12:30pm