Benji the Baby Capuchin’s Bath Ends in Respiratory Disillusionment

Ordinarily, I’d say, “Fear the monkey — it is intelligent enough to resent your human superiority and strong enough to seriously harm you,” but Benji the baby capuchin seems pretty stupid. I mean, how does he not know that he can’t breathe under water, right?? You’re so dumb and adorable, Benji! There’s no way… »5/27/13 3:00pm5/27/13 3:00pm

Harvard Med School Cited for Being Generally Neglectful of Its Lab Animals

Just a few days after news that 125 Harvard students were under investigation for allegedly cheating on their cheating invitation take home exam, America's most illustrious and ivy-swaddled university has earned another ocular contusion — the Department of Agriculture has cited Harvard Medical School for mistreating… »9/04/12 11:00am9/04/12 11:00am

Zookeeper Saves Tiny Monkey By Licking Its Butt Until It Poops. Seriously.

Earlier this week a zookeeper at Wuhan Zoo in China named Zhang Bangsheng put his tongue to work in a most unpleasant way to help a small monkey in need. The monkey, a Francois' langur, is just three months old and is a very rare specimen. Thus, he's worth going the extra mile for. (Not that all monkeys aren't worth… »5/03/12 11:55pm5/03/12 11:55pm

Your Lunchtime Coo: Tiny Kitten and Baby Monkey Are the New Peas and Carrots

A highly scientific study just completed right this second has shown that it's impossible to be unhappy about anything while watching a baby monkey and a kitten romp and wrestle. It's just too bad the dog doesn't get in on the action, or we'd have ourselves a permanent cure for all of life's problems. »3/07/12 12:35pm3/07/12 12:35pm

Tiny Little Monkey Returned Safely To Zoo After He Was Stolen

In a nice turn of events (for once!), last night an adorable squirrel monkey who'd been stolen from the San Francisco Zoo was returned to his owners unharmed after missing for two days. The monkey, whose name is Banana Sam (which might be the perfect monkey name) was "hungry, trembling and thirsty" when he was… »1/01/12 6:30pm1/01/12 6:30pm