ABC Reporters Promise To Stop Paying For Interviews (Unless They Feel Like It)

The bosses at ABC News have made the noble decision to stop paying news subjects for stories. Though they never actually paid for interviews, just photo licensing rights. And they still may pay licensing fees in an "extraordinary circumstance." Well, at least they've decided to stay classy by instituting the new… » 7/25/11 9:40pm 7/25/11 9:40pm

How Paid Sources Fuel The Gossip World

By now we expect that within hours of a celebrity getting arrested, filing for divorce, or even becoming ill, TMZ or Radar will have private documents and quotes from officials posted online. Common sense says sources are getting paid, not volunteering information because they believe it's the public's right to see a… » 5/22/11 10:08pm 5/22/11 10:08pm