How Is Monaco Going to Handle the Succession of Twin Heirs?

Monaco's Princess Charlene and Prince Albert (son of Grace Kelly and Europe's most inexplicably boring aristocrat) are currently expecting twins. Which presents a potential headache for whoever's responsible for determining who inherits the throne of Monaco. If it's a girl followed by a boy, which one gets the job? »10/20/14 3:40pm10/20/14 3:40pm


Bill Clinton Had His Picture Taken with Some Porn Stars and of Course It's All About Hillary

Well, it seems that Billiam Clinton, a married man, was caught on film in mixed company publicly touching three non-virgins (and menstruators, no doubt!) who are not his wife. Quel scandale!!! The shocking incident took place at a fundraising gala* for the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and the William J.… »5/24/12 5:40pm5/24/12 5:40pm