​Rainbow Brite Is Back and Molly Ringwald Is Voicing the Villain

Nostalgia is resurrecting yet another cartoon from our youth. The popular '80s girl power series Rainbow Brite has earned a reboot, and Emily Osment and Molly Ringwald are on board to voice the main characters. Will we ever grow up? Not likely. » 10/14/14 4:10pm 10/14/14 4:10pm

DMX May Not Lay The Smackdown on George Zimmerman After All

There was absolutely nothing good about the announcement that certified awful person George Zimmerman (no celebrity bold for you!) would appear on an episode of Celebrity Boxing to square off against rapper DMX (on what would have been Trayvon Martin's 19th birthday, no less). This news was actually so not good that… » 2/08/14 12:15pm 2/08/14 12:15pm

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom Raise Millions for Charity, Don't Give…

Cathy's Kids, the charity Lamar Odom founded in honor on his mother to "help underprivileged kids and raise money for cancer research", has raised over 2.2 million dollars. Excellent news! The not so excellent news? Not a single penny of that money has gone to underprivileged kids or to fight cancer. » 4/02/13 8:00pm 4/02/13 8:00pm

Dashing Dudes and Dresses That Make No Sense at the G.I. Joe Premiere

Guys, what the world needs now is a big-budget display of American aggression. Thank Zeus for Paramount Pictures' G.I. Joe: Retaliation, which premiered last night in Hollywood. If you dig lantern-jawed dudes, WTF dresses and Molly Ringwald, step right up and check out this red carpet. » 3/29/13 11:55am 3/29/13 11:55am

Molly Ringwald Got Advice From Bret Easton Ellis About Her Novel

Molly Ringwald (yup, that Molly Ringwald) recently penned her first novel, When It Happens To You, which revolves around a troubled marriage. She still acts and hopes to adapt the novel to the screen—one of her icons is Steve Martin—and counts among her favorite authors Joan Didion, Philip Roth, Lorrie Moore, Toni… » 9/01/12 3:40pm 9/01/12 3:40pm

Molly Ringwald Calls Out Fifty Shades of Grey On Its Immature Bullshit

In this edition of Tweet Beat, Molly Ringwald's 8-year-old is more mature than the grown-ups in Fifty Shades of Grey, Neil Patrick Harris loves his work, Robyn naps on a plane and, finally, it's gotta be baby-beard-o'clock somewhere.
» 6/21/12 7:20pm 6/21/12 7:20pm

Well, This Is Just an Extremely Cute Photo of a Young Molly Ringwald

In today's Tweet Beat, a blast from Molly Ringwald's '80s past, Chuck D chooses Prince over holograms, Jenny McCarthy has feelings for a sheep and Ice loves Coco.
» 5/15/12 7:30pm 5/15/12 7:30pm

Molly Ringwald Cannot Hang With Attachment Parents

In today's Tweet Beat, Molly Ringwald is not mom enough to nurse her 3-year-old, Rosanne is writing checks that her ass can't cash, Nathan Fillion wants us to treat ourselves and James Deen loves a four-eyed girl.
» 5/11/12 7:40pm 5/11/12 7:40pm

Molly Ringwald Tells Reddit Secret of Youth is 'Blood of Kristen…

Reddit, the internet's sometimes lovable, often exasperating socially awkward child prodigy of a brother, occasionally invites celebrities (and meme subjects) to answer questions from the site's commentariat. Last night, former Brat Packer and current grown up actress Molly Ringwald offered herself as an interview… » 4/26/12 3:10pm 4/26/12 3:10pm

Bret Easton Ellis and Molly Ringwald Reminisce About an Old Threesome…

In this edition of Tweet Beat, Molly Ringwald and Bret Easton Ellis get nostalgic about an old three-way with John Edward's mistress, Miley Cyrus drops a big complain-o-brag, Joel McHale joins One Direction and James Deen is dressed like a panda.
» 4/25/12 7:30pm 4/25/12 7:30pm

Lifetime Movie Cartoon: The Wives He Forgot

Our last Lifetime Movie Cartoon elicited a comment about a pretty great-sounding Lifetime original starring Molly Ringwald as a lawyer who defends a cheating amnesiac. Amnesia being one of the less-frequent — but always thrilling — LMN tropes, we had to see the action for ourselves. And it's good. Or at least we think… » 7/08/11 5:20pm 7/08/11 5:20pm

The Night Belongs To Molly Ringwald

Samantha Baker, Claire Standish, Andie Walsh — the object of your 80s affection turns 43 today. Watch some John Hughes and raise a glass to the brat pack. » 2/18/11 6:00pm 2/18/11 6:00pm

JWOWW's Clothing Line Gets Killed

The Breakfast Club Reunites 25 Years Later

The cast of The Breakfast Club (minus Emilio Estevez) appeared on GMA today to answer pressing questions about the film, like what's up with Ally Sheedy's Cap'n Crunch sandwich and, can Molly Ringwald still put on lipstick with her cleavage? » 9/21/10 2:44pm 9/21/10 2:44pm

Nicole & Jen Are BFF; James Franco Dodges Questions About His Sexuality

Man Says He Was MJ's Lover; Tito & Jenna Drop Charges

Molly Ringwald On Teen Pregnancy, Bristol Palin, And For Keeps

Among Molly Ringwald's iconic teenage roles was For Keeps, the story of a pregnant high-schooler who chooses to keep her child. Last night, she told me what still bothers her about the movie and her problem with Bristol Palin's message. » 4/28/10 12:40pm 4/28/10 12:40pm