Moe Better Blues: Requiem For A Dream Blogger

Today, as many of you know, is Moe's last day. What to say? Well, for starters, it's the end of an era. As my first hire, I have worked alongside Moe longer than anyone else, and the two of us have seen one another through every stage of the site's evolution: planning, plotting and brainstorming (God, that was fun,… » 8/01/08 2:00pm 8/01/08 2:00pm

Savage Hate

All week, readers have been writing in about advice-giver Dan Savage's latest column, in which Jezebel — specifically our response to that awful 'Dear Abby' feature from last week — gets a negative mention. Personally, I didn't care one way or another about Savage's slam, but Moe sure did! With every email from a… » 3/27/08 11:45am 3/27/08 11:45am

First Impressions: Catherine Malandrino's Big Sleeves, Feminine Frocks…

Moe's over at the Chelsea Art Museum for the spring/summer 2008 Catherine Malandrino show. (That's Catherine at left.) Moe may be hungover (she texted us something about 9/11 conspiracy theories at 1:30am last night, so it's likely). And Jennifer is there too, sitting next to Mena Suvari. Here's what Moe has to say. » 9/08/07 12:44pm 9/08/07 12:44pm

First Impressions: Ports 1961 Fashion Show Smells Better Than Our…

Moe decided to break her self-imposed ban on non booze-involving fashion week events to attend the Ports 1961 show because of a unique globalization angle: the brand is based in Xiamen, a Chinese city renowned mostly for being the home base of the country's thriving human trafficking industry. The designers used mostly … » 9/07/07 9:45am 9/07/07 9:45am