That '36 Questions' Love Quiz Worked for the Bang With Friends CEO

...So maybe it can work for you. Colin Hodge is the CEO of Down, an app formerly known as Bang With Friends. He wrote a post for Medium about meeting a wonderful woman thanks to the popular "36 Questions" experiment. » 1/29/15 11:30am 1/29/15 11:30am

Here Are the 36 Questions That Will Allegedly Make You Fall in Love

If you didn't read the wildly popular Modern Love column this weekend about how easy it is to fall in love if you and your chosen one just spend a few hours answering these 36 questions, then I guess you're just not an actual human with a beating heart. » 1/13/15 5:10pm 1/13/15 5:10pm

Now People Are Using Drones to Photograph Their Weddings

You know the old saying: "Something old, something new, something borrowed, some kind of tentacled flying robot hovering above your wedding and watching you from its single hellish black eye." » 8/04/14 5:40pm 8/04/14 5:40pm

The Man Who Edits 'Modern Love' Reveals the Secrets of the Column

It's difficult to pick a "best" part of The New York Times, but for many, it's the Sunday Styles. For a smaller subset of people, the "Modern Love" column within the Sunday Styles is the super best part of the paper. And for that group, an interview with the man who makes the Modern Loves happen is like a relationship… » 1/17/14 7:15pm 1/17/14 7:15pm

Maria Bello's Modern Love Column About Bisexuality Is Effing Fantastic

The New York Times' Modern Love column is like a box of chocolates, if half of the chocolates were replaced by cringeworthy middle school journals crumpled up and dipped in hardened, bitter regret. I'm happy to report, however, that this week's Modern Love was actually pretty sweet. » 12/02/13 4:45pm 12/02/13 4:45pm

Augusten Burroughs Bucks Tradition, Writes a Decent 'Modern Love'

Has the New York Times' "Modern Love" column taken a turn for the tolerable? First there was the thought-provoking Jessica Bennett essay about the meaning of marriage, then there that story of the old couple who were each widowed and found each other late in life that made me cry, and now it's novelist Augusten… » 5/24/13 3:00pm 5/24/13 3:00pm

Your Evening Cry: One of the Best Love Stories We've Ever Read

The New York Times Modern Love column can be tedious, pretentious, and downright ridiculous. But sometimes it's compelling, heartbreaking, and beautiful. Today's piece just set my tear ducts into overdrive, and although I'm incredibly exhausted today (STFU, hormones!), I'm positive I'd still sniffle if I wasn't. » 1/24/13 9:15pm 1/24/13 9:15pm

An Uncertain Case for Marriage

Last week's Modern Love features a love story that was never supposed to be conventional: Boy proposes to 24-year-old Girl, former Newsweek reporter and Tumblr executive editor Jessica Bennett. Girl freaks out; she loves him, but wants to focus on her career, and promises that she doesn't need a piece of paper to… » 6/25/12 12:40pm 6/25/12 12:40pm

Area Girlfriend Upset By Discovery of Boyfriend's Saved Relationship…

It's difficult to feel cherished when we know that our partners are still carrying emotional baggage from previous romantic entanglements, but it's especially difficult when that emotional baggage manifests itself in the form of actual pieces of crap that used to belong to his ex-girlfriend. And what if he refuses to… » 10/10/11 6:30pm 10/10/11 6:30pm

Before OKCupid, There Was This

In 1965, two rival dating programs were founded at Harvard. People found love, but — in a precursor of Facebook — things quickly degenerated into rivalry and backbiting. » 1/31/11 6:13pm 1/31/11 6:13pm

Online Daters Go For The Lips

The most effective cyber pickup line to use on a woman? "You have beautiful lips." Or so says dating site Badoo. Also effective on American women? "You dress beautifully." Absent from the list was "hey sexy woww ur hot." » 12/15/10 10:25am 12/15/10 10:25am

Ashton Kutcher Is Unfortunately The New Carrie Bradshaw

Seriously. In this article on "romance in the digital age," the notorious cyber-Romeo can't help but wonder, "are we all becoming so in touch with one another that we are in danger of losing touch?" » 12/08/10 6:50pm 12/08/10 6:50pm

New Dating Site Unites Music Geeks

We're digging this new trend in online dating, in which you zero in on certain enthusiasms. First there was the bookworm meet-n-greet, ALikewise. And now, for the Rob Gordons amongst us: Tastebuds. (Get it?) » 12/08/10 2:23pm 12/08/10 2:23pm

Which Online Dating Site Is Right For You?

Nowadays, an enormous percentage of people meet online, and the options for virtual Yentas are limitless. So: what does your ultimate choice tell the world? » 8/19/10 4:02pm 8/19/10 4:02pm