In Which Tatiana Discovers That Fashion Week Is Kind Of Great

I realize I use these column inches more often than not to write about the drawbacks of being a model — the situations and encounters that make me feel, as casting superagent James Scully said earlier this summer, "Like [a] greyhound we plan to shoot after a race." Today is a little different. »9/11/08 4:20pm9/11/08 4:20pm

It's show…

What Part Of "In A Different City Every Week" Is Giving Away My "Relationship Tentacles," Asswipe?

Don't hate Tatiana because she's beautiful.* It's summer and she, mere mortal like the rest of us, has invested an excruciating number of its precious hours in the courtship of a dude who turned out to be a total dick! And just in time for her agency to step in and remind her she is officially "fat" by the standards… »7/29/08 2:00pm7/29/08 2:00pm

Welcome To America, Models! Tatiana Can't Wait For The Extra Competition. It Was Almost Getting Too Easy.

Today we learned New York congressman and Huma Abedin BF Anthony Weiner had sponsored a bill to amend immigration laws to make it easier for foreign models to get H1-B visas. "The market is calling for foreign girls," said someone from Trump Model Management. "From Fashion Week to our vibrant publishing industry to… »6/12/08 3:00pm6/12/08 3:00pm