Woman Fractures Legs Repeatedly in Order to Become 6-Foot-Tall Model

Alexandra Transer is a 30-year-old Russian woman who dreams of becoming a model. Told by agents that 5'4 was too short, she's undergoing a series of surgeries that will make her taller. But model-quality beauty doesn't come without pain: Raw Story reports that the procedure includes both fracturing and stretching her… »2/13/15 1:10pm2/13/15 1:10pm


Sports Illustrated Will Feature Plus-Sized Bikini Model for First Time

This month, Sports Illustrated will release their annual swimsuit issue, delighting dads across the world and reminding all of us that it's cold as hell outside. This year, the magazine's making a historical change, however. It's featuring plus-size model Ashley Graham in a string bikini on pages usually reserved for… »2/04/15 11:00pm2/04/15 11:00pm

Kendall and Cara Choose Chanel Over Victoria's Secret

Both Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne, two beautiful young women with very symmetrical faces and bold eyebrows, were asked to participate in this year's Victoria's Secret fashion show and both were like, "HARD PASS. We're modeling for Chanel instead." Sorry, Victoria. Your secret does not intrigue the popular kids… »11/13/14 1:50pm11/13/14 1:50pm

Are models slowly returning to the covers of ladymags?

Are models slowly returning to the covers of ladymags? Joan Smalls was on the January cover of Elle; now Lara Stone graces the April cover of Bazaar. Back in September, People editor Larry Hackett said: "The era of the A-List movie star is over." So does the future of fashion mags look like the (model-driven) past? »3/11/14 11:50am3/11/14 11:50am

4-Year-Old Fashion Designer Makes Amazing Gowns Out Of Paper

Mayhem (not her real name, but an excellent name for a fashion house) is only 4 years old and she's already crafting amazing paper versions of awards show gowns and runway creations. She's been designing for the past nine months, and according to her mom, Angie, she's gotten the process down to a science, knowing just… »2/27/14 8:40pm2/27/14 8:40pm

Chrissy Teigen, You Are Ignorant and Know Nothing About 'Sluts'

Model Chrissy Teigen took to Twitter yesterday, to call someone a whore and was promptly accused by her followers of slut-shaming. She responded with a full-on, crazy-ass ignorant rant for hours that began with: "uh 1, i'm too old to know the term 'slut shaming' and 2, what the fuck is wrong with slut shaming." Uh 1,… »5/15/13 6:00pm5/15/13 6:00pm

Emma Watson's Little Brother Is Now a Smoking Hot Male Model

Hope you're ready to feel old and perverted because Emma Watson's little brother — who she first introduced us way back when she was promoting Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and he was only 8-years-old — is now almost 20 and is working as a professional male model, even booking major campaigns like Burberry —… »3/07/13 2:55pm3/07/13 2:55pm