Divorcing Couples Discover They Can Also Fight Over Their Pets

You usually hear about couples waging epic battles for custody of their children when they split up, but more and more people are learning that they can also fight over custody of their pets. And why not since pets are often considered members of the family. Mo Rocca delved into the different arrangements people make… » 11/27/11 2:35pm 11/27/11 2:35pm

Midweek Madness: Miscellany — Rachel Ray Hates Sequins, Ashlee Simpson Eats Bread, Marilyn Manson And Evan Rachel Wood Probably Wouldn't Have Dated In High School

Between the hard-hitting investigative journalism, humanity-revealing candid shots and gimlet-eyed fashion criticism (i.e. "Hilary puts the Swank in swanky!") that are the bread-and butter of the celeb weeklies, there are always dozens of pages of miscellaneous, evergreen filler that we occasionally read and think,… » 4/11/07 3:37pm 4/11/07 3:37pm