The Back Cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Tells You to…

Did you notice the ad on the back cover of this year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue? (You have a subscription to that, right?) It's a lot like the front cover, which features Kate Upton standing in freezing Antartica in nothing but undies and an unzipped winter coat (fun fact: this almost killed her), only… » 2/13/13 3:15pm 2/13/13 3:15pm

Meet Ms. Brown, the Talking M&M and Feminist Candy Icon

If you've spent hours fretting that there aren't enough feminist candy spokespeople, here's some good news for you: M&M's will unveil a new lady character in an exciting Super Bowl commercial. Her name is Ms. Brown, and she represents, you guessed it, the brown M&M! She will join the five other talking M&M… » 1/17/12 10:40am 1/17/12 10:40am