Madonna Seriously Needs to Check Herself

Madonna has been on her "Unapologetic Bitch" tip as of late, especially since six tracks from her forthcoming album Rebel Heart leaked, and she responded deftly by just releasing them, a pretty smart move. "Unapologetic Bitch" is one of those tracks, and titlewise, a fine summation of her whole career. Unfortunately, … » 1/02/15 1:10pm 1/02/15 1:10pm

Comedian Celebrates MLK Day by Tweeting 'I Love You' at Racists

Solomon Georgio, an L.A.-based comedian, decided to celebrate Martin Luther King Day with a little nonviolent resistance. He combed Twitter for racist tweets, but instead of shaming or raging at their authors, he simply wrote something patient and kind and then added, "I love you." The primary revelation: Racists DO… » 1/21/14 3:40pm 1/21/14 3:40pm

SPYONVegas Wants You To Get Your Mad Freak On In Las Vegas For MLK Day

Do you have a dream that one day you will be able to party at the open champagne bar at Ghostbar in Las Vegas? Then great news—SPYONVegas has you covered! » 1/20/14 8:30pm 1/20/14 8:30pm

Tip: Don't Use Martin Luther King's Image to Promote Your Twerk Party

A "Freedom 2 Twerk" party in Michigan has been canceled after the venue owner saw the flyer for the event, which featured an image of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. wearing a gold medallion and flashing a gang sign. » 1/16/14 1:49pm 1/16/14 1:49pm

'Honoring MLK's Dream,' Starring LeAnn Rimes

So, um… this picture with the caption "Honoring MLK's Dream" is on Us Weekly's website right now. UPDATE: It's been taken down. We've got a bigger version of the screen shot below! » 8/29/13 3:15pm 8/29/13 3:15pm

How Not to Talk About MLK on This Historic Day (Or Ever, Really)

Today is the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech. Dr. King was a lion among men, one of the most visible civil rights leaders of his time (maybe of all time), his rhetoric was soaring and accessible and inclusive. So, on occasions such as these, it's tempting to wonder what he… » 8/28/13 2:05pm 8/28/13 2:05pm

No, Fox News, Martin Luther King Jr Wasn't Anti-Abortion

Fox News is commemorating this Martin Luther King, Jr day by inviting his niece, Dr. Alveda King, to come and speak about his legacy. He was a conservative, she explained, who hated abortion. Except that isn't even close to true, not even the tiniest bit. Leave it to Fox News to wrap a crap sandwich in a lie and call… » 1/16/12 6:45pm 1/16/12 6:45pm

The Most Courageous Coming Out Speech You'll See This Year

Kayla is a senior at Maria Carrillo High School in Santa Rosa, California. Last week, during an all-school assembly on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Kayla came out as a lesbian to her peers. Here is her courageous, inspiring speech. » 1/24/11 5:14pm 1/24/11 5:14pm