Solidarity With Mizzou's Black Students Prompts 'Equality Bullshit,' 'Blafricoons' Yik Yaks at IU

A good rule of thumb for processing this unexpected, long-time-coming season of college students protesting the white bias built into the mainstream American university system: anyone who takes anti-racism protestors as more troubling than the racism they’re protesting probably has quite a bit of personal investment… »11/13/15 10:50am11/13/15 10:50am


Mizzou Completely Fails Athlete Who Killed Herself After Alleged Rape

According to ESPN's latest episode of their investigative series "Outside the Lines", the University of Missouri failed to investigate the alleged rape of one of their students, a swimmer, by another student, a star football player. The victim, Sasha Menu Courey, struggled with mental illness so severe that a year and… »1/24/14 5:45pm1/24/14 5:45pm