Mitt Romney Is Actually a Heartthrob Superhero, You Guys

Now that voters are losing confidence in Mitt Romney the Brilliant Businessman and Mitt Romney the Tough Statesman, the campaign can't exactly fall back on the old "he's nice!" trope — "nice" is hardly enough to excite voters enough to get them queueing up for the voting booth in the same numbers they queued up for… » 9/26/12 1:00pm 9/26/12 1:00pm

Mitt Romney Has No Hope of Winning the Single Women's Vote

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney has been awkwardly dancing all over opinion polls since it became clear that he was probably the best that Republican primary voters could do. And while different groups have different levels of regard for the GOP's candidate for President, one group is adamant in their… » 7/11/12 12:50pm 7/11/12 12:50pm