Glenn Beck Supports Melissa Harris-Perry and The World is Crazy

It's been a heady two weeks for MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry, but she found an unexpected ally in right wing talking head Glenn Beck. Following her show's controversial comments about Mitt Romney's adopted black grandson and tearful apology, Beck supported Harris-Perry on his own show and even chastised her… » 1/07/14 1:30pm 1/07/14 1:30pm

Melissa Harris-Perry Overtaken by Emotion During On-Air Apology

On an episode of her show last week, Melissa Harris-Perry made (what some considered to be) unkind remarks about Kieran Romney, Mitt Romney's adopted African-American grandchild. In the episode, Harris-Perry referred to Kieran being out of place in the Romney family pictures and stated that she would like to see a… » 1/04/14 5:17pm 1/04/14 5:17pm

Shocking: More Women Gave Obama Money Than Romney

Poor Mitt Romney; all of the money, self-tanner, and binders of women in the entire world couldn't get him into the good graces of America's ladies last month. Only 28 percent of his donors were women, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, while female donors made up 44 percent of the Obama campaign's… » 12/14/12 12:15pm 12/14/12 12:15pm

The Holy Union of Ice and Coco Is Being Torn Asunder

NOOOO! The Greatest Love of All, that of Ice-T and his wife Coco Austin, is going through a rough patch after some photos emerged of Coco dancing with and face-kissing another man, a rapper named AP.9. First, Mrs. -T took to Twitter to downplay it. "Woke up to people in a panic about some pics (sic),please guys I'm… » 12/10/12 9:00am 12/10/12 9:00am

Thanks for Nothing: Romney Canceled Staff Credit Cards Before They…

Apparently Romney aides taking cabs home after his concession speech were told by their drivers that, "Dee-clined. Waa waahhhh." How embarrassing! It was a real Phyllis "They cut my credit card in half!" Neffler moment, yall. Must suck to get slapped with the reality of the assholery of the man they'd dedicated months or… » 11/09/12 9:30am 11/09/12 9:30am

My Ten Favorite Kinds of Right-Wing Temper Tantrums

I remember how I felt when George W. Bush was reelected in 2004—that pit of absolute unthinkable, desparate despair—and so I guess I should have a little more sympathy for the 150 Million Waaahmbulances of the Apocalypse currently flailing all over Twitter. And, beyond that, I should probably be sad about the overt… » 11/08/12 5:42pm 11/08/12 5:42pm

Apparently Romney Lost the All-Important 'Slut Vote'

When not busy whining via various social media platforms, conservatives have spent the past few days trying to figure out how two really wholesome-looking Ken dolls lost out to a black guy. Now, the head of the Christian Men's Defense Network has some groundbreaking analysis: Romney failed to capitalize on the "Slut… » 11/08/12 10:25am 11/08/12 10:25am

Romney's Concession Speech: 'Thank you, Paul Ryan. Besides Ann, he was…

Mitt Romney community theater acts his way through a fairly typical concession speech — restating his views of restarting business and entrepreneurship. He wished the President and his family well, and prayed that the President will be successful in guiding our nation. The crowd is mostly respectful, except for a few… » 11/07/12 1:07am 11/07/12 1:07am

Live: Election Night 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, it's here. Election night. Hopefully you voted. Hopefully your ballot is being counted. And hopefully, tonight, we'll knew who won the 2012 Presidential Election. » 11/06/12 6:59pm 11/06/12 6:59pm

In case you missed it: Mike Huckabee Republicans have done a pathetic job of reaching out to people of color.…

You Have No Excuse: Pregnant Chicago Woman Waits in Line to Vote After …

Excited to vote in her first ever election, a very pregnant 21-year-old suburban Chicago woman interrupted her trip to the hospital's birthing center with a stop at her local polling station. Galicia Malone's water had already broken, and by the time she arrived to wait in line to cast her ballot, her contractions were … » 11/06/12 5:15pm 11/06/12 5:15pm

Theory: Mitt Romney Brainwashed Himself

This video of Mitt Romney flipping out on a Des Moines radio host in 2007 has gone viral-ish. While Romney's insistence on a set of beliefs that many Americans (who believe in just as strange, albeit more popular things) would interpret as bizarre is unsettling, what's strangest about the video is how this 2007 version … » 11/06/12 4:00pm 11/06/12 4:00pm

Jay-Z Has 99 Problems But Mitt Romney Ain't One

Mr. Beyonce and Hova of our hearts Jay-Z performed alongside Bruce Springsteen at a Obama rally in Columbus, Ohio last night. When it came time to perform his classic albeit campaign trail inappropriate hit "99 Problems," Jay-Z decided to rework the lyrics to be a little more apropos. He's got 99 problems, but Mitt… » 11/06/12 2:00pm 11/06/12 2:00pm

Oh, Lovely: This Voting Machine in Pennsylvania Isn't Accepting Votes…

Here's video one Pennsylvania voter captured of an electronic voting machine refusing to accept a vote for President Obama, instead repeatedly selecting "MITT ROMNEY" for President when the voter clearly intended to vote for Barack Obama. This glitch is even more chilling when you consider the fact that Pennsylvania's… » 11/06/12 11:45am 11/06/12 11:45am