Your Christmas Tree Is Infested with Something Called 'Bark Lice'

In "throw your tree out the window and burn all your possessions" news, it turns out the beloved Christmas Pine doubles as a half-way house for mites, moths, spiders, and something disgustingly named "bark lice". Puke/Shudder. This is giving the Christmas tree rash a run for its disgusting money. » 12/24/12 1:40pm 12/24/12 1:40pm

Rosacea Possibly Caused by Tiny Mites Without Anuses Living on Your Face

Bugs are literally everywhere. They're on your sheets (probably), they're waiting in the dark corners of your shoes, they're hiding in pantry doors ready to jump out at you as if they've been spring-loaded and now, if you have rosacea, they might even be crawling in your pores, dying and leaving their bacteria-bloated… » 8/30/12 11:10am 8/30/12 11:10am

Ancient Mite Rides On Top Of Spider In Gross, Awesome Fossil

You know how when a spider gets on you, you're like, "Ahh! Guck! Uck! Spider!" and you kind of swipe at it until it gets off your skin and you can resume your normal existence of eating, reading the Internet, and wondering when a spider will next get on you? Well, that's how I imagine spiders react to mites. Unless of… » 11/09/11 6:05pm 11/09/11 6:05pm