Killer Mike is the latest guest speaker at MIT’s “Hip-Hop Speaker Series,” which has previously enli

Killer Mike is the latest guest speaker at MIT’s “Hip-Hop Speaker Series,” which has previously enlisted a shirtless Lil B (video). Mike, one of the most salient politically-minded figures in current hip-hop, will deliver a speech entitled “Race Relations in the US” on April 24. Do we need a petition to award him an… »4/20/15 1:40pm4/20/15 1:40pm


Frat Alumni President Blames 'Drunk Female Guests' For Ruining Fun

If you blinked at all, even for a second yesterday, you may have missed a doozy of a story that Forbes ran and very quickly deleted. Which is a shame, since the headline was "Drunk Female Guests Are the Gravest Threat to Fraternities," and the only thing more hilariously evil than much of the piece that followed was… »9/24/14 10:20am9/24/14 10:20am

College Student Behind 'Hobojacket' Prank Apologizes, Jeopardizing Jackass Status

One of the MIT students behind the non-hilarious idea to "prank" rival schools by giving homeless people clothing festooned with enemy logos (because get it? Poor people are worthless, just like USC) has had a change of heart and written a self-flagellating apology that's just about as sorry-sounding as an apology can… »11/29/12 2:10pm11/29/12 2:10pm

Jackass MIT Students Give Rival College Gear to Homeless People as a Prank

Well, here's some serious bullshit in the form of college kid "shenanigans." Hobojacket, a website where you can donate jackets from rival schools to homeless people, was started by MIT students Jin Pan and Cathie Yun one night as a joke. You see, Pan loves to josh with his friends about one day getting rich and… »11/28/12 1:40pm11/28/12 1:40pm

Vest That 'Hugs' You Whenever You Get a Facebook 'Like' Makes Us Very, Very Sad

Yes, it feels nice when people "like" your accomplishments/drunk status updates/sandwich photos on Facebook. Sometimes it feels nicer than we'd care to admit. Now, Melissa Kit Chow has devised a way to literally substitute real affection for that virtual attention from people you haven't seen since elementary school.… »10/05/12 4:15pm10/05/12 4:15pm

Your Days of Pounding the Ketchup Bottle Endlessly Are Finally Over

Ketchup never seems to want to come out of its bottle. It's an age-old problem that many people claim to have solved. ("Hit the '57' on the bottle three times with the heel of your hand!" "Stick a knife up in there!" "Use a squeeze bottle!") But now a smarty-pants at MIT seems to have fixed the problem once and for… »5/28/12 9:30pm5/28/12 9:30pm

MIT Offers Awesome Classes to Give Nerds Social Skills

Nerds may be able to let their freak flags fly in the protected confines of the MIT campus, but the same can't necessarily be said for the real world. That's why the school has wisely been offering something called "Charm School" for its students. CBS Sunday Morning went inside this elective day of classes that covers… »3/04/12 10:15pm3/04/12 10:15pm

16-Year-Old Girl Sends MIT Admission Letter on a Jaunty Space Mission

What did you do with your college acceptance letters that you no doubt received at the tardy age of 18? Frame them? How utterly terrestrial of you. 16-year-old Erin King, answering the challenge to "hack" the cardboard tube that MIT sealed her Early Action admission letter in, sent it to near-space on a balloon,… »2/06/12 10:20am2/06/12 10:20am

Why America Should Be Thankful Those Nice Cops Didn't Send Star Simpson Straight To The Morgue

Have you heard the one about the crazyhair Hawaiian who went to Boston Logan Airport with a bunch of play-doh in her hands and a bomby-looking thing strapped to her hoodie that she said was just an art project but then she turned out to be totally smart enough to make an actual bomb? Yeah, we weren't sure what to make… »9/21/07 3:00pm9/21/07 3:00pm