With "Friends" Like Jesse Jackson, Does Obama Need John McCain?

Jesse Jackson used to be considered a great man and a great civil rights leader. He was considered MLK's protégé, he was the first African-American candidate to run a credible campaign for the Democratic nomination, he helped free hostages, he fought for social justice... And yet, somehow, with the United States… »10/15/08 6:00pm10/15/08 6:00pm

The Secret Lives Of Women: The Making Of A Mistress

Last night on WE, The Secret Lives of Women took a look at “mistresses,” from women having affairs with married men to a dominatrix named Christian. We were going to bring you a clip in which Christian and her client “Bert” explain why they don’t think what they do counts as cheating, but, to technical errors, the… »7/16/08 6:00pm7/16/08 6:00pm