The Late, Great Mister Rogers Best Articulated The Need For Continued PBS Funding

A 1969 clip of Fred Rogers sitting before the US Senate Subcommittee and imploring members to reconsider Nixon's proposed funding cuts to the children's educational channel has resurfaced with new relevance in the wake of Mitt Romney's similar threat. Beware, for if you are a crier like yours truly, this intersection… »10/06/12 5:45pm10/06/12 5:45pm


Mister Rogers Is Being Replaced with a Tiger Cub and Animated Pizzazz

It's been a long time since anyone wandered into the ghost town that until quite recently was "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood," probably for fear that it was haunted with phantasmic sweater vests and unnervingly spineless hand puppets. The programming fat cats at PBS, however, have decided that the Mister Rogers conceit… »9/02/12 2:30pm9/02/12 2:30pm

Obama Is A Machiavellian Ari Gold Sellout! Will Scarlett Johansson Notice?

Yesterday while Crappy Hour was in progress Barack Obama totally sold out the like MAJOR ISSUE OF HIS WHOLE POLITICAL CAREER and we didn't really talk about it because the campaign's media fellater relations department still hadn't distributed its key talking points, but then they sent out this video and as you can… »6/20/08 10:00am6/20/08 10:00am