Woman Removes Blindfold, Discovers Her Boyfriend Is Actually a Woman in a Swimsuit and a Strap On 

25-year-old Gayle Newland of Willaston, Cheshire is on trial in the UK for five counts of sexual assault against her female friend—according to the alleged victim, Newland pretended to be a Filipino-Latino man named Kye Fortune, developed a relationship with the woman over the internet and on the phone, and later had… »9/09/15 11:10am9/09/15 11:10am

Boyfriend Dresses Up As Girlfriend to Take Her Test, Gets Caught

Ayan Zhademov’s girlfriend was stressed out about taking an end-of-the-year test. Instead of giving her a nice shoulder rub or making her some calming tea, the 20-year-old Kazakhstan student went beyond normal boyfriend duty and decided to take the examination for his sweetheart—by dressing up and impersonating her.… »6/09/15 10:20pm6/09/15 10:20pm

Here's What It's Like When People Think You're Paul Rudd For a Day

No one had a weirder day yesterday than Ben Kravit. The 28-year-old Dallas man was seen on camera helping break up an anti-gay assault at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport last week, one of a crowd of people who restrained a guy attacking another man he suspected of being "a queer." (This story literally never gets less… »10/28/14 11:30am10/28/14 11:30am