Not-So-Secret Rape Apologist Runs for Missoula County Attorney

Kirsten Pabst is running for County Attorney in Missoula, a town in Montana that was lovingly nicknamed "America's rape capital" in 2012, after the U.S. Department of Justice launched an official investigation into how Missoula County's Attorney office, police department and the University of Montana worked together… »4/16/14 6:10pm4/16/14 6:10pm

Montana Attorneys Said 'Terrible Things' to Rape Victims: DOJ Report

In January, Fred Van Valkenburg, the head of the Missoula County Attorney's Office in Montana, denied that his office had systematic issues with prosecuting sexual assault cases. But a letter released by the Department of Justice Friday detailing the results of the DOJ's investigation into MCAO reveals that the… »2/17/14 11:40am2/17/14 11:40am

Missoula County Attorney Pushes Back Against Justice Department Demands

Despite intervention from the Department of Justice (or perhaps because of), the debate over the handling of sexual assault cases in Missoula County, Montana is still highly contentious. The Missoula County Attorney's office, led by Fred Van Valkenburg, said last week that they'd fight demands that the office make… »1/17/14 11:10am1/17/14 11:10am

Photog Turns High School Girl's Portrait Session Into Gross Sextfest

On Monday, a 33-year-old portrait photographer pled guilty in Missoula County Justice Court to two misdemeanor accounts of obscenity for a sexting relationship he started up with a 17-year-old female client. Since then, the photographer has taken down a post on his Facebook page apologizing because it got overrun with… »12/06/13 12:40pm12/06/13 12:40pm

Missoula Cops Are Actually Getting Their Shit Together

Some news from Missoula: awful Police Chief (of denial) Mark Muir is handing over his daily responsibilities so he can focus on the city’s response to the U.S. Department of Justice's investigation into the department's gender bias. Although Muir still refuses to admit that the department was ever shitty at handling… »8/01/13 6:20pm8/01/13 6:20pm

John McCain Thinks College Kids Constantly Cry Fake Sexual Harassment

Senator John McCain is the latest conservative politician to complain that the Department of Justice has "redefined the meaning of sexual harassment" at U.S. universities by cracking down on Title IX violations that protect students from intimidation and assault — and he and his cronies think that's a bad thing. »7/03/13 12:20pm7/03/13 12:20pm

University of Montana Pinky Swears To Properly Handle Sexual Assault

A year ago, the Department of Justice and the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights launched an investigation into the handling of sexual assault allegations at the University of Montana, then under fire for a spate of highly-publicized alleged rapes. Today, the feds and the college reached a positive… »5/09/13 6:45pm5/09/13 6:45pm

University of Montana Now Requires All Students to Pass a Rape and Sexual Assault Quiz

The University of Montana is gearing up for the new school year — and trying to figure out a way to respond to the multiple allegations of sexual assault on campus that prompted a Federal Department of Justice investigation last spring. Here's a start: the university is requiring all students to complete an online… »8/30/12 4:30pm8/30/12 4:30pm

Clever Birthers Erect an 'Obama Presidential Library' Outhouse Complete With Nancy Pelosi Slut Graffiti

If you thought Mitt Romney had a terrible sense of humor, just wait until you hear what truly unfunny shit his Republican compatriots in Montana did this weekend. During the Montana GOP convention—which, by the way, featured Newt Gingrich as its keynote speaker—some "clever" tricksters erected an outhouse outside of… »6/17/12 11:00pm6/17/12 11:00pm

Entire Montana Town Under Investigation for 80 Alleged Rapes

What the hell is going on in Missoula, Montana? The U.S. Justice Department reports over 80 alleged rapes in Missoula over the last three years. Even more troubling, at least 11 in an 18 month period involved University of Montana students. It's pretty crazy that it took nearly one hundred allegations of sexual… »5/02/12 12:10pm5/02/12 12:10pm