Perfect Pussy Tour Diary, Part 2: Turbans, Sparklers, and Deerhoof (!)


So far, our (hungover, sleep deprived) heroes are, in relative terms, coasting: none of the usual van trouble, broken cell phones, or robberies of tours past. This is not to say that all is right with the stars. Let’s watch as they cross an invisible border to a magical land where people still smoke cigarettes… »4/24/15 3:10pm4/24/15 3:10pm

​Mississippi Continues to Be a Pretty Terrible State for Women

It's been a strange time for women. Maternal mortality in the US has actually increased. There are people in our government who refuse to enact a law for equal pay. Personhood is still a Thing. But where in the US do women face the most hardship? It looks like Mississippi and Utah are duking it out for the top spot. »10/19/14 12:40pm10/19/14 12:40pm

Good News: Mississippi's Only Abortion Clinic Can Remain Open

The fate of Mississippi's last remaining abortion clinic has been very tenuous for the past two years, a result of conservative lawmakers' increasingly creative and dastardly attempts to deny women reproductive autonomy. Fortunately, a federal appeals panel has just struck down the severe anti-abortion measure that… »7/29/14 7:15pm7/29/14 7:15pm

This is Why Mississippi is the Worst State for LGBT+ Rights

Being from Texas, I feel for others who are in states or regions constantly being used to score cheap laughs in the media. However, when it comes to being behind the times, Mississippi is further back than... Well, everyone else. And the state is probably going to have be dragged kicking and screaming towards the rest… »5/22/14 6:09pm5/22/14 6:09pm

Mississippi Sex Ed Equates Sexually Active Girls to Dirty Chocolate

Usually when you eat a York Peppermint Pattie, you unwrap it and put it in your mouth. Well, according to one school district in Mississippi, that's what sex should be like: they've been having students unwrap a pattie and pass it around the room to simulate what happens when you sleep with too many people. (You get… »4/04/14 2:00pm4/04/14 2:00pm

The Story of One Prison Rape, In an Inmate's Own Words

Today, the ACLU announced that it is filing a federal lawsuit on behalf of prisoners at the East Mississippi Correctional Facility, a private prison in Meridian, Mississippi. The suit alleges that EMCF is "hyper-violent, grotesquely filthy and dangerous." One example of the jail's dangers: this handwritten letter from… »5/30/13 2:15pm5/30/13 2:15pm

Right-Wing StyleWatch: Spring's Hottest Anti-Choice Trends!

Most Americans lack access to affordable health care and believe abortion should be legal, but that hasn't stopped some uber-chic fashionistas from daring to break the rules! We've hand-picked five key ways you can wear the most essential anti-choice trends from the runways — er, courtrooms and Senate floors. Let's… »4/17/13 2:40pm4/17/13 2:40pm

New Alabama Law Could Close Every Abortion Clinic in the State

Today, Alabama governor Robert Bentley signed HB 57, a Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers (TRAP) bill that would likely force all of the state's abortion clinics to close down. It has a cute name, too: the "Women's Health and Safety Act." Aww, thanks, Bento. (Can we call you Bento?) Alabama women will be… »4/09/13 6:30pm4/09/13 6:30pm

Mississippi Is Hellbent on Putting Personhood Back on the Table

Less than two years ago, 58% of Mississippi voters rejected a personhood initiative that would define life as beginning at conception. Naturally, that hasn't stopped anti-abortion sponsors from filing paperwork for a brand new but nearly identical initiative on Tuesday. Why do they think it will work this time… »3/06/13 12:55pm3/06/13 12:55pm

Abortion Fight in Mississippi Reaches Official Clusterfuck Status

On the last episode of What the Shit Is Going On in Mississippi?, the state's overwhelmingly Republican lawmakers passed a law that would have placed unnecessary new requirements on the state's last remaining abortion clinic, effectively forcing it to close its doors. This was all done under the guise of "protecting… »11/28/12 2:00pm11/28/12 2:00pm

Mississippi Sends Kids to Prison For Being Tardy and Wearing the Wrong Color Socks

Mississippi is a rough place to grow up. The state has the highest infant mortality rate in the United States, to start. Maybe that's because so many mothers are teens who had unplanned pregnancies? If you manage to make it to kindergarten alive — congrats, gold star for you! — this is what you have to look forward… »11/27/12 3:10pm11/27/12 3:10pm