How Media Deregulation Kidnapped Natalee Holloway

Okay, that's a sensationalist headline, but we're going somewhere with this: according to a paper by Leonard M. Baynes » 10/28/08 1:20pm 10/28/08 1:20pm (via ), the government has actually America's obsession with missing white women like Natalee Holloway. In the days of the (1949 to the late 1980s), TV stations had to broadcast some balanced…

CBS News has noticed something others have been saying for months: missing women of color don't get any press. "When Laci Peterson became the symbol of maternal homicide in the mass media and in the law put a white face on the horrendous crime of maternal homicide," Lindsay Goldwert writes for CBS, "In… » 4/11/08 6:30pm 4/11/08 6:30pm

Was Natalee Holloway Dumped Overboard While Still Alive?

Last night, 20/20 aired the much-hyped video footage of murder suspect Joran van der Sloot admitting involvement in Natalee Holloway's disappearance/the disposal of her body. The footage was captured by an Dutch ex-con named Patrick, who, in concert with investigative reporter Peter de Vries, rigged up a car with… » 2/05/08 1:00pm 2/05/08 1:00pm

Natalee Holloway's Mom On New Video: "Look What They've Done"

There may finally be an "end" to the long, sad saga involving the disappearance and probable murder of Alabama high school student Natalee Holloway: A Dutch journalist, PeterR. de Vries, has handed over videotape that reportedly shows murder suspect Joran van der Sloot admitting to being witness to both Natalee's… » 2/01/08 12:30pm 2/01/08 12:30pm

The Dating Shame

The lawyer who represents former cop Drew Peterson (a suspect in the disappearance of his fourth wife, Stacy) pitched a grrrrreat idea to a Chicago radio station: A "Win A Date With Drew Peterson" contest. The host of the station's morning show offered to chaperone the date "to be on the safe side." So which is it? Is… » 1/24/08 9:45am 1/24/08 9:45am

Mom Of Missing, Pregnant Marine Says She Was Victim Of Sexual Assault…

Remember yesterday evening's speculation that missing pregnant 20-year-old Marine Maria Lauterbach's disappearance might have something to do with a sexual assault? Well documents have surfaced today quoting Maria's mother alleging that her daughter was the victim of sexual assault at the hands of a superior officer.… » 1/10/08 5:00pm 1/10/08 5:00pm

Drew Peterson Tells Dateline He Pampered Wife Stacy With Plastic Surgery

This morning, the Today show ran a preview of Hoda Kotb's interview with Drew Peterson that's part of a Dateline report on the disappearance of his wife Stacy that airs tonight. In the clip above, Drew — who is a suspect in her disappearance — discusses how he pampered Stacy. He says he got her anything she wanted,… » 12/21/07 2:30pm 12/21/07 2:30pm

As Another Woman Goes Missing, Two Others Get Justice

Another day, another slew of stories about missing white women. 21-year-old Leah Hickman, a student at Marshall University in West Virginia, has been missing since Saturday night. There are no leads in her disappearance, and her friends have created a Facebook page to help aid in the search for her. Her absence was… » 12/19/07 6:20pm 12/19/07 6:20pm

(Alleged) serial wife killer Drew Peterson (pictured) tried asking for money via a personal website to help him pay for his mounting legal bills. Unfortunately for Peterson, the website,, has been disabled, but before it got axed, Defend Drew said, "For the cost of a few cups of your morning coffee,… » 12/12/07 12:45pm 12/12/07 12:45pm

"Missing Porn Star" Wasn't Even A Porn Star

It's been noted how much the media loves to pick up stories of missing women — so long as they're white. Today it was reported that the bodies of both Latasha Norman (a black woman) and Emily Sander (a white woman) were discovered yesterday, and unsurprisingly, Emily's case had received much more attention in the days… » 11/30/07 6:00pm 11/30/07 6:00pm

Two Missing Women Found Too Late

There are some sad endings today for the stories of two separate missing women. 20-year-old Mississippi college student Latasha Norman — who had been missing since Nov. 13 — was found yesterday, after her ex-boyfriend led cops to her decomposing body. Her ex, Stanley Dwayne Cole, has been charged with murder. Also… » 11/30/07 9:45am 11/30/07 9:45am

Missing Teenager Is Also Internet Porn Phenomenon

In a story that's sure to be poached for an upcoming episode of Law and Order SVU, missing Kansas teen Emily Sander has been outed as internet porn star Zoey Zane. On her website (which seems to have been taken down), Emily/Zoey describes herself as a "a spunky little teen with a super sexy side," who started shooting… » 11/29/07 9:30am 11/29/07 9:30am