Missing Cat Walks 1,865 Miles To Find Her Way Home

When Sheree Gale moved from Berry Springs, Australia to Ungarra she brought her cat Jessie with her, but a few weeks later Jessie bolted. More than a year later, Gale's former neighbors spotted Jessie in her old haunts, 1,865 miles from her new home. "I can't explain it. She hates getting into cars, so I think she has… »11/08/11 1:40pm11/08/11 1:40pm

After 6 Years, Family Finds Missing Cat On Adoption Site

Another cat has been reunited with its family years after running away from home. In 2005, a tabby named Sar Chi disappeared from his home in Wallingford, England. The Kirkwood family searched for him and put up missing cat photos, but he never turned up. Two weeks ago, Ian Kirkwood decided to finally adopt a new cat,… »10/06/11 1:05pm10/06/11 1:05pm

Mystery Of Missing Cat's Cross-Country Trip Is Solved

It turns out Willow, the cat who turned up in New York five years after she ran away from her home in Colorado, didn't make it across the country on her own. Many theorized that Willow was adopted by a new owner, as she was very healthy when she was found (and lacks the opposable thumbs necessary for hitchhiking). A… »9/19/11 1:35pm9/19/11 1:35pm