Champion Free Diver Missing and Feared to Be Dead

Natalia Molchanova, one of the world’s greatest free divers, is believed to have died during a recreational dive this past Sunday. The 53-year-old Russian champion has not been seen since she went diving without fins in the Balearic Sea, off the coast of Spain. Molchanova was reported missing after being separated… » 8/04/15 9:45pm 8/04/15 9:45pm

Pregnant Woman Who Disappeared Before Scheduled C-Section Is Found

On June 2nd, a 49-year-old woman named Carrie Bradshaw-Crowther disappeared only hours before she was due to deliver a baby via C-section. Now, the police have confirmed that Bradshaw-Crowther has been found alive and well in Boone, North Carolina, over 150 miles from where she disappeared. » 6/09/15 11:30am 6/09/15 11:30am

Girl Missing Since 2004 Tsunami Turns Up Alive In Indonesia

Every year around this time there are dozens of news stories on various "Christmas miracles," but now something so amazing has happened that it will make every other miracle this season pale in comparison: an 8-year-old girl named Wati who was swept away by the 2004 tsunami in Indonesia has just turned up alive! She… » 12/22/11 11:55pm 12/22/11 11:55pm