Guy Tries to Hook Up With Wife's Nurse in Worst Craigslist Ad Ever

Romance. It can start in so many places, in so many different ways. A chance meeting at a favorite restaurant or coffee shop. A shared interest in a local civic project or organization. A casual glance across a crowded room. Or, perhaps, while your wife is in labor, you fall in love with the nurse delivering your baby. »11/18/14 11:35pm11/18/14 11:35pm

Is Writing Crazy Fake Craiglist Posts Just a Normal Hobby Now?

Every single day (maybe even every hour!) strange bits of Internet drift across the Jezebel transom, forcing us to ask ourselves: Real or fake? Unbelievable true story, or rank bullshit? This is such a common question in this office that today we find ourselves asking: What's weirder, some real-deal crazy Craiglist… »8/15/14 3:20pm8/15/14 3:20pm

Could There Be a Twist in the Boston T Missed Connection?

Two days ago, Alison, a very funny and furious Boston woman posted a missed connection on Craigslist to call out a fellow T passenger who she witnessed walking up to a stranger and telling her to lose weight. The post has since gone viral and now a different passenger on the same car (so he says) has come forward with… »3/21/14 8:00pm3/21/14 8:00pm

Man Will Give $100 If You Help Him Successfully Stalk This One Lady

Seven months ago, at a Subway restaurant in downtown Brooklyn, a 57-year-old Queens man met a woman who enraptured him. He didn't get her phone number. He didn't get her name. He did get an incredibly awkward selfie with her. And now, he's plastered that selfie all over the neighborhood, offering a $100 reward for… »2/13/14 6:15pm2/13/14 6:15pm

This Might Be the Most Romantic and Pee-Soaked Missed Connection Ever

Once a generation comes a love story so beautiful, so profound, that it somehow simultaneously fills you with hope (because romance isn't dead) and despair (because you'll likely never achieve a love so great). One such romance occurred this New Year's Eve and — in a truly modern take on the classic tale of Cinderella… »1/02/14 4:30pm1/02/14 4:30pm

Man Tries to Find Imaginary Girlfriend Who Definitely Does Not Exist

Imagine you are a man who was very recently a boy. You were born circa 1988, a golden year for babies. You are lonely. You miss the good old days, when women looked and acted the way you imagine women from the movies do if those characters were real. Women like Josh Hartnett's love interest from 40 days and 40 Nights.… »11/04/13 6:00pm11/04/13 6:00pm

Missed Opportunities: Craigslist Rife With Election Night Hook Ups

Did you look for someone to stuff your ballot on election night? You're not alone. During stressful times, many people relieve the anxiety with intimate relations. It's actually a pretty healthy way to get out all the craziness inside, right? Just bring all that election angst into the bedroom and work those sexxxxy… »11/07/12 12:40pm11/07/12 12:40pm