Miss Teen USA Is Eliminating the Swimsuit Competition and Replacing It With...Athleisure? 

Apparently awoken to the fact that asking women ages 14-19 to submit their bikini bodies for public judgment is a rather odd thing to do in the year 2016, the Miss Universe organization has chosen to replace the practice with an “athletic wear” competition—which certainly does feels more aligned with the times, if in…


Steve Harvey Wrings (Hopefully) One Final Moment of Fame Out of His Miss Universe Mistake

In December, Steve Harvey made an amazing host flub by mistakenly crowning Miss Colombia as Miss Universe, then, minutes later, awarding the real winner Miss Philippines. On both Monday and Tuesday, Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez and Harvey reunited on his unbelievably not-cancelled afternoon talk show before a live…

Sony Thinks Kesha's Eventual Comeback Could Turn Her Into the 'Next Adele'

Kesha hasn’t released an album in over three years, but it’s not because she hasn’t tried. The singer (whose 2012 album is a personal favorite of mine) reportedly wants to record more music, but told Sony she’d only do it if Dr. Luke—the man whom she claims assaulted her—has no involvement. Sony “rejected” that deal…


This 1987 Fashion Show Proves Miss Universe Has Always Been Batshit 

If you just couldn't get enough of the styles featured in that 1981 Sears catalog (on glorious LaserDisc!), you're gonna love this—a fashion show from the 1987 Miss Universe telecast. Yes, that is a very orange Bob Barker hosting. It looks like all these women were styled by me, at nine, playing with my Barbies.