More pageant hijinks! Jessica Wittenbrink's $3,400 gown was vandalized during the Miss South Florida Fair pageant. Perhaps sabotage paves the way for success, because Wittenbrink, like the pepper-sprayed Miss Puerto Rico, went on to win the Miss South Florida crown. (And appear on the Today Show this morning). The Palm … » 1/22/08 9:45am 1/22/08 9:45am

Miss Puerto Rico Universe, whose pageant-win erupted in controversy, was exonerated by police yesterday. For those of you not following the Aqua Net-shellacked saga, Ingrid Rivera said that someone had doused her makeup and dress with pepper-spray during the pageant, causing her to break out in hives. A few days later, … » 12/20/07 10:45am 12/20/07 10:45am

Jamie Lynn Spears: Was It (Statutory) Rape?

  • Jamie Lynn Spears' boyfriend could face statutory rape charges since he is 19 and JL is 16. According to reports, if the baby was conceived in Louisiana, the act could technically be considered "felony carnal knowledge of a juvenile." What a mess. [Daily Mail]
  • But sources say that Jamie Lynn's parents "adore" her…
» 12/20/07 9:00am 12/20/07 9:00am

Miss Universe Contestant Talks To 'Today', Still Believes In God

Pepper-sprayed Puerto Rican beauty pageant contestant Ingrid Marie Rivera showed up on the Today show this morning for a sitdown with Meredith Vieira about pageantry, haters and toxic tiaras. During the six-minute-long interview, Rivera refuted the new accusations that she pepper-sprayed herself in order to garner… » 11/28/07 1:00pm 11/28/07 1:00pm