Carrie Prejean: Nude Photo Scandal Is An Attack On My Faith

Yesterday posted topless photos of Miss California Carrie Prejean and supposedly there are more revealing pictures to come. Prejean says the site posted the pictures in an attempt to belittle her Christianity. » 5/05/09 1:20pm 5/05/09 1:20pm

Who Needs A Scholarship When You Can Get Sponsored Breasts?

The Miss California USA organization paid for Miss California Carrie Prejean's new breasts to allow her to compete "in the best possible confidence." Who knew self esteem came in a plastic bag of silicone? » 5/04/09 7:00pm 5/04/09 7:00pm

The Beauty & The Blogger Make Beastly Representatives

Although the recent Miss USA/gay marriage debacle the media has offered both Perez Hilton and Carrie Prejean the opportunity to continue discussing the issue, neither should be a spokesperson for either side of the debate. » 4/24/09 5:00pm 4/24/09 5:00pm